Polis wants Obamacare exemption for wealthy ski-resort county

By Jack Minor –


Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat who proudly voted for Obamacare is now complaining that the price tag will be too expensive for residents in his county and is asking for an exemption for his constituents.


“We will be encouraging a waiver. It will be difficult for Summit County residents to become insured. For the vast majority, it’s too high a price to pay,” Mr. Polis said in an article posted Wednesday by the Colorado health policy website Solutions.


Summit County includes the wealthy resort communities of Dillon, Keystone and Silverthorne, yet has some of the highest rates of on insured residents in the state because of the high price of homes.

One of the key selling points by Democrats as well as the president was that healthcare rates would go down by $2,500 a year for each American once Obamacare became the law of the land. Since the bill became law, people continue to find out the bill is not fulfilling the promises touted by the president and the Democrats. Interestingly, Democrats are now appearing to want to walk back from some of the negative provisions of the law.


At this point, agents have not yet signed up a single person on the state’s healthcare exchange from Summit County, which far from being a poor county is home to mountain resort towns and where current plans are up to three times higher than in other areas of the state. With such high premiums, it would be assumed that residents would jump at the chance to sign up for one of the Obamacare plans, which the president said would be cheaper than the insurance they are currently paying for. However, it appears that County residents are now receiving sticker shock at seeing the real prices for the Obamacare policies.


“People take one look at the rates and they walk out the door,” Tamara Drangstveit, executive director of the Family and Intercultural Resource Center, told Solutions.
Immediately following Polis’ request for a special exemption, Republicans jumped on his remarks as showing why the law needs to be delayed for a year.


“We’re glad that Congressman Polis has seen the light. However, it’s not just Coloradans in ski towns who need to be saved from the Obamacare train wreck,” said Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call. “Working families, small-business owners, senior citizens and young people across Colorado are struggling to pay their bills, and they should all be saved from Obamacare’s high price tag.”


Interestingly, while Polis is seeking a waiver for his constituents, he does not appear willing to grant that same waiver to the rest of America, including those in poor counties. In September, Polis voted against a Republican bill that would’ve delayed the Obamacare individual mandate for a year for not just his county, but for all Americans.


“It’s Democratic hypocrisy at its finest. Polis wants a waiver for his own constituents, but doesn’t think the rest of the American people should get one,” said Matt Gorman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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One Response to Polis wants Obamacare exemption for wealthy ski-resort county

  1. Disgusted says:

    How about letting anyone who wants to be exempt be it. If these people can afford high dollar homes, live a high dollar lifestyle, they can afford the mandated Kill Care like the rest of us hard working people who can’t get a waiver. Can anyone smell the socialism yet? Is this the change he promised? To give everything to the rich, the bankers, destroy jobs and morals of families?
    Obama is heard on many videos telling us we can keep what we have, keep our dr. Oh, dr.’s now quitting? Woops. Guess all those around him who read for him, who write his speeches, who tie his shoes, who polish his golf clubs forgot to tell him exactly what is in the bill he pushes upon all of us.
    I am more concerned about what else he’s signed that the people don’t know about.
    Why is it the rich always seem to get what they want, the low to middle class gets stuck having to abide crazed laws written by who knows, then they don’t get read, we have to wait to see what’s in it (Pelosi) and when we do, once again we find they are not working for the people and what the people need.
    Where are our Senator’s and Representatives? Never mind.

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