Colorado Obamacare Navigator can’t sign anybody up, too expensive

As if things weren’t bad enough for President Obama and his signature health care plan, Al Jazeera, a foreign based news service is reporting how one of Obama’s Navigators has not been able to sign up a single person because the new plans are too expensive.


Al Jazeera interviews a young man named Leonardo who came to the Family and Intercultural Resource Center in Summit County Colorado. While there he spoke with one of the “Navigators,” specially trained individuals that Obama has touted as being able to assist people with navigating their way through Obamacare to sign up for new plans under the exchanges.


Colorado is one of several states that chose to set up its own exchange rather than rely on the federal government to do it for them. Supporters of Obamacare have said that states such as Colorado with their own exchanges are not having many of the problems highlighted in the news recently with the website and that the state-run exchanges have been for the most part running smoothly.


However, while the enrollment process may have gone smoothly for Leonardo, he apparently experienced sticker shock when he saw what the new insurance would cost him.


Jennifer Abbot, the navigator who helped him said he would qualify for a tax credit of about $362. Al Jazeera noted that Leonardo worked part-time at a resort in Keystone.


Yesterday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Congress that this time she was not willing to provide numbers for comedy people had signed up on the exchanges and that the administration would not be releasing the numbers until mid-November.


However, the reporter Paul, Bevin asked Abbot how many people have signed up through the exchange and her answers were not encouraging.


“So far not one,” Abbot said. “Thus far everyone has taken a look at the rates and then walked out the door. It’s sticker shock, they just can’t afford it.”

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