Amendment 66: Taxpayer con job

By Tom Tancredo —

(WND) – Next week voters across Colorado will be asked to approve Amendment 66, a nearly $1 billion tax increase supposedly designed to fund smaller classrooms and better education outcomes for all kids. What’s happening in Colorado is also seen in many states and communities every year.


Surprise! It’s a typical bait-and-switch. It’s the same old pitch from the K-12 education establishment: Give us more money and we will do a better job.

In truth, more tax money reserved specifically and exclusively for public education will not only NOT improve school performance, but pouring more money into a failed system only serves to delay true education reform, not advance it.


The teachers union and their allies are spending over $10 million to promote a Yes vote on the tax increase, and much of that money is coming from out of state. The legislation that put the proposal on the ballot was passed last spring by the Democrat-controlled state legislature without a single Republican vote. So much for “bipartisan reform”!
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2 Responses to Amendment 66: Taxpayer con job

  1. Alexander Xiang says:

    Besides fund-raisers at schools, children come to our door saying they are fund-raising for their schools so would we please buy something from them. Ads for 66 include the plea to vote for 66 so students can get the attention they deserve. Now I understand why our schools are doing as poorly as they are – the principals, staff, teachers and teacher unions are NOT giving our students “the attention they deserve.” What they heck have they been doing all this time, especially each time that another bond or fund is raised and given to them! Feckless, faithless, untrustworthy, and obviously incompetent at managing budgets as well as inherently incapable of giving our children “the attention they deserve.” Just watch, in a few months there will be another plea, arguing that our school buildings are deteriorating, our teachers aren’t paid enough, and students are not getting “the attention they deserve.” It’s a racket. A cyclical racket. And education, what about education? It stays roughly the same, or seems to, because the continual degradation is just gradual enough not to raise red flags in the general population, hoodwinked by the give-us-more-money-once-again ads.

  2. Disgusted says:

    I listened to a man on a radio show say how the Republicans of CO do not want the kids to have good schools. I was glad it was on a video where I could respond.
    I laughed when I read the ballot. School taxes, pot taxes and secession. And some guy running against himself.
    It seems the parents who have kids didn’t vote yes on 66, they voted yes on the pot tax to pay for their kids schooling. Is it time to put notices on school entrances stating how your child’s education is paid for? I don’t know why the state of CO doesn’t use the pot tax towards rehab programs for hard drug users. We are after all second in the nation for addiction to big pharma meds such as Vicodin and Percocet that they are saying are now over prescribed and they are going to stop refilling these meds that many elderly use, what will happen to them when withdrawal starts from these drugs alone? I feel if a drug is taxed some of those taxes should and could be used for rehab. Or the big pharma co.’s can use some of their high profits for rehab from the addictive drugs they create. Why are those that create a product that harms never held accountable?
    I for one was so looking forward to the secession bill hoping to send a message as we all know the state and federal arms would never allow a bunch of free thinking people to get out of the box, it still would have been nice to see. I wonder who the ones are that voted against it and why. I believe we all know who voted against it. Since it was a close call, I am watching to see what the Governor does to make it right and send more of our taxes back to us.

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