Reporters put “abortion” into speech by Rand Paul

The mainstream media is apparently attempting to open a new front in the Democrat’s supposed “war on women” being conducted by Republicans by claiming Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul challenged conservatives to stand up against abortion rights, despite his saying no such thing.


Rand Paul was giving a recent speech at the 10,000 student Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., when during his 18 minute address he mentioned the moral dangers of rapid technological advances in the area of genetics and how it could lead to eugenics as people attempt to weed out babies that are less than perfect.


“Imagine a world in which disease and disability are eliminated: no meningitis, no Down’s Syndrome, no cleft palate, no cerebral palsy. Man is able to select against these disabilities,” Paul said. “Each individual’s biological future can be predicted by looking at their DNA.”


Regarding genetic selection, Paul asked the audience: “It is easy to oppose eugenics at the hands of an omnipotent state. But will we have the strength of character to resist a world where eugenics is practiced voluntarily?”


“Will we be sorry when we eliminate the disabled? Will we be sorry when we eliminate those with premature deafness such as Beethoven?” Paul questioned.


Despite the statement clearly questioning the ethical blessing and curse of being able to do genetic screening to test for birth defects prior to birth, the mainstream press claimed that Paul was talking about abortion.


The Associated Press reported the event with the lead headline, “Rand Paul warns eugenics on horizon unless conservatives stand up against abortion rights.”


However, the word abortion does not appear one time in Paul’s speech, nor does he compare a woman who has an abortion to a eugenicist.


Because of the AP’s influence, the wire dispatch was quickly picked up by the Washington Post and other agencies, who failing to listen to the actual speech and do their own verification just accepted the AP spin as reality.


Tony Lee at slammed the mainstream press for deliberately putting words in Rand Paul’s mouth.


“Though Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., never once mentioned the word ‘abortion’ in his address at Liberty University last week – a speech that caused MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to become apoplectic – the Associated Press immediately targeted Paul’s speech as a crusade against abortion,” he noted.


“Because so many outlets use the AP as source material, myriad writers simply cribbed from the original AP story, without watching Paul’s speech or obtaining a transcript, focusing in on Paul’s abortion position. Despite their own complaints about Paul’s supposed plagiarism in a speech, the media made clear that its own work is often cribbed from different sources.”


Lee noted that USA Today even went so far as to actually insert the word “abortion,” quoting from the USA Today piece which said, ““Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul warned a crowd at a religious college Monday that advances in biology combined with abortion could lead to a society that weeds out people deemed to have undesirable traits.”


He said their false claims are particularly ironic when one considers their own complaints about Paul’s supposed plagiarism, yet they have no problem repeating a false narrative by cribbing their stories from different sources.

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