Young entrepreneurs “not participating” in economic downturn

While the so-called “Great Recession” ended in the first year of the Obama administration, the effects remain largely unfelt by millions of people around the world, this has caused a new generation of business entrepreneurs to think outside the box and create their own business success stories.


During the 2000 recession, which occurred in the closing years of the Clinton administration, talk show giant Rush Limbaugh offered his thoughts on how individuals should weather the storm.


“Whenever there is a recession, I simply decide not to participate,” Limbaugh said.


At the time he received criticism from those who said his statement was simplistic and showed a lack of caring for people hurt by the recession. Limbaugh made it clear he did care, but still felt even in the midst of difficult times there were also great opportunities available.


When a caller mentioned to him how he had lost his job and was nervous about his economic situation, he mentioned he was considering trying to use his hobby to make money. Limbaugh encouraged him to follow up on his dream, then encouraged him by saying while it would not be easy and he empathized with the man, “sometimes difficult times like this cause you to do things you might not normally do or take chances on, but it will be worth it in the end.”


It now seems as if a new generation of business owners is taking that advice to heart by bucking the trend and starting businesses that do not fit the traditional brick and mortar model.


Large retailers have websites that complement their offering in their physical stores. Moreover, their brand recognition helps them easily make their presence known on the Internet. Frequently, these companies are able to effectively compete against their mom and pop counterparts in local communities.


In the online arena, small business owners are able to compete more effectively in part because of not needing many of the fixed costs such as a building and fixtures such as counters and shelves.


However,  one of the challenges these small online businesses face is getting their name out there alongside of the more well-known stores who often have specialty departments that work exclusively on online marketing.


To help small business owners overcome this disparity, a series of companies have sprung up offering online marketing services and search engine optimization (SEO) to companies who do not have the financial ability to do so on their own.


With the power of the internet, these SEO companies are able to achieve a global outreach that in generations past were available only to the largest corporations.


Search South is an example of these types of companies that fulfill a unique and important role in the global online marketplace.


Founded in 2000, when online marketing was just beginning to take off, the company has seen firsthand the changes in how the internet has transformed the customer’s shopping experience. Search South’s two original partners are still with the company, ensuring an unbroken chain of experience in this important arena.


Companies such as Search South exist to help businesses of all sizes achieve a more robust online presence by keeping abreast of changes in the policies used by search engines such as Google and Yahoo to form their rankings.


Another benefit of these companies is they are able to work with companies of any size and nearly any budget in much the same way temporary employment agencies provide workers to companies.


Online sales have now gotten to the point where they have their own version of Black Friday, known as Cyber Monday, which occurs on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. For the past 6 out of 7 years Cyber Monday sales have continually increased by double digits amounts. Last year, consumers spent $1.46 billion on Cyber Monday, making it the heaviest online shopping day in history.


As more and more customers move to the internet for shopping and purchases, companies offering strong marketing strategies will become more and more important and help spur competition among retailers.

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