Obamacare glitches now affecting those attempting to use benefits

Individuals needing to actually use healthcare benefits they supposedly obtained under Obamacare are now coming fact to face with the nightmare of a government run healthcare system as doctors are being held up from performing surgery and people  are walking out of the emergency room rather than wait for approval.


President Obama insisted on multiple occasions that his signature healthcare legislation was working and that “the product was good.” He claimed that all the negative news about Obamacare was only related to the botched website and once people enrolled they would be happy with how the new law worked.


However, once the new year began and people were able to actually use their coverage it appears that they are shocked to learn that while they may have purchased health insurance, getting health care is not that easy.


The UK Daily Mail reported that on Jan. 2, hospital staff in Northern Virginia were forced to turn away sick patients because they had no way to determine if their Obamacare insurance plans were active or not.


In an attempt to bolster enrollment numbers the administration included individuals who had selected a plan on the healthcare exchanges but never paid for it. This would be similar to Amazon counting customers who placed an item in their shopping cart but never paid for the item as having made a purchase.


The administration added to the confusion by constantly changing deadlines at the last minute and then asking insurance companies to honor those who had never actually purchased a policy because the government had neglected to properly fix the portion of the website that actually handled the purchase of the plan and transmitting that information to the insurance carriers. Rather, the administration focused on the portion of the website that was cosmetic and took people’s information to enroll instead of making sure they actually have their policies.


The Mail reported that people were showing up claiming they had insurance under Obamacare without any proof, but the hospital staff were not taking their work for it without some kind of proof.


As a result, people including one woman who needed a chest X-ray for a cough ended up simply walking away after being told they would be responsible for the cost of services.


The Washington Post reported that due to problems with the back end of the website up to one-third of those who enrolled at Healthcare.gov may not actually be covered. With the current claim by the administration that 2.1 million have signed up for insurance, this translates to close to 700,000 that may have thought they had insurance but do not have coverage.


In Chicago, a patient had her surgery delayed for over two hours after the doctor tried repeatedly and was unable to obtain a routine go-ahead for the surgery from the insurance company. Eventually the doctor, who was frustrated with the Obamacare system, finally went ahead without the approval hoping he will eventually get paid for the procedure.

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  1. anthony says:

    really? the “UK Daily is your source?” This is the LAMEST story i have EVER read.. But I guess when it come from GREELEY, my statement becomes redundant.

    DO i even need to guess what party you represent?

    You have not one “DIRECT SOURCE”, about your frivolous stories.. Its fear-mongering..

    God, please secede already..

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