Kindergarten boys now able to use girls restrooms in California

A new day has dawned for boys and girls in California schools as 2014 begins with them now being able to decide to use whichever restroom they want, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make members of the opposite sex feel.


Under the new law, children in grades K-12 are able to use whichever bathroom or locker room they chose providing it is “consistent with their gender identity” rather than the sex they were assigned at birth. Additionally, children can decide for themselves whether they want to be on the boys or girls sports teams.


The law effectively means that if a girl wanted to be a linebacker on the boy’s football team the school cannot refuse them that right. Additionally, boys can apply to be on female teams where they will have a decided advantage such as wrestling, tennis, golf and other sports.


Under the law’s provisions there is no type of medical test to confirm a person’s gender identity, which has led opponents to warn of the potential for mischief where teenage boys could walk into the girls shower areas by simply claiming he feels like a girl that day.


The law makes no provision for girls that might find such a situation awkward or be concerned over privacy issues. In situations such as this the question remains as to whose rights must take precedence. For instance, if a woman feels uncomfortable showering with a man or being in the same restroom with a member of the opposite gender and complains to human resources, is she guilty of discrimination for objecting?


Supporters of the law insist these concerns are unfounded and that a boy would never willingly enter a girls locker room unless he truly was transgendered. However, even supporters of the LGBT lifestyle have claimed that sexuality is fluid, meaning it can frequently change. Therefore, there is nothing stopping a boy from saying he feels like a girl while going into the locker room, then saying he feels like a boy again the next day.

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  1. John says:

    I was a naughty boy child, I must admit. I would have loved nothing more as a ten year old, than to have had permission to go into the girls locker area and hopefully get a glimpse of a vagina. It’s all we talked about. Bad idea here.

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