Dem lawmakers losing ground in Obamacare ad war

Democrats who voted unilaterally for Obamacare are becoming increasingly uneasy at a non-stop bombardment of television ads reminding voters of their vote for the president’s signature health care plan.

As public polls consistently show a majority of American either opposed or leery of the law, democrats have frequently said the primary reason for the American public not embracing Obamacare is because of criticism by talk radio and Republicans. The reasoning is if everyone would tout the law’s praises public perception would change and there would be no problem with hitting enrollment numbers.


Opponents of the law deny that arguing that American’s dissatisfaction has to do with the text of the actual law itself. As proof they cite the numerous times President Obama has had to bypass congress and make his own changes to the law. Many of the changes appear to coincide with election dates causing some to say the changes are more for political cover for Democrats than helping the American people.


Regardless of which side is correct about why Americans have not embraced the law, one thing appears certain, ads calling attention to problems with the law appear to be giving vulnerable lawmakers a case of shellshock.


Since September, Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots group that seeks to educate people on the benefits of limited government and free markets has spent approximately $20 million on ads mentioning Democratic senators and congressmen that support Obamacare by name.


The ad runs are somewhat unusual this far from an election, and they have been running in conjunction with similar ads from other groups. While conventional wisdom holds that ads this far out are ineffective, it appears the carpet bombing tactic appears to be working and softening up the targets similar to what occurred during the 1991 Gulf War.


Not planning on letting up on its offensive strategy, Americans for Prosperity has went ahead and announced that they planned to spend an additional $1.8 million in ads attacking Democratic House members who are running for the Senate in Iowa and Michigan. Political analysts have said that Democrats currently have an edge in the two states.


With candidates desiring to hold onto their war chests until the primary season, there appears to be evidence the ads are having an effect. During the 2012 presidential election the Obama administration began running a series of ads early in the campaign attempting to control the narrative regarding Romney.


The Romney campaign initially chose not to respond, thinking it was too early, however they were stunned to learn the ads effectively painted a President Romney as being solely interested in the rich and caused Romney to lose support and cost him the election.

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