Dems kill bill preventing public aid cards at pot shops, strip clubs

In what could be an early sign that Democrats are planning on continuing to push their liberal agenda again this year, a bill that would have prohibited state residents from using ATMs in Colorado marijuana dispensaries and strip clubs was killed on a party line vote on Wednesday.


The bill was sponsored by Sen. Vicki Marble, R-Fort Collins, who said the bill was needed to ensure that the federal government could not use a person’s use of the card as an excuse to raid the dispensaries on the grounds that marijuana is still illegal under federal law.


“We could have seizures of the stores and all of the money at the tills,” Marble said. “We’re setting these newly established marijuana liquor stores to fail.”


Marble was ranked as being one of the top conservatives in the Colorado legislature last year.


Democrats said it was perfectly fine to use public-assistance cards at strip clubs and pot shops because it was important for people to be able to access their funds.


“I’m not comfortable limiting that access until I’m certain we’ve done that due diligence to make sure people can access their benefits when they need to,” Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, said.

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