Dems running ads against Obamacare

Democrats hoping to use last year’s government shutdown against Republicans in the mid-term elections may have a harder go at it now that Democrats themselves are running ads attacking Obamacare.


During last year’s government shutdown the Democrats and the mainstream media attempted to portray it as strictly a Republican caused issue. However, the Republicans repeatedly passed spending measures to fund all government services except for Obamacare, believing the law was not ready to be implemented.


Each proposal was rejected by the Democrats who said they had no interest in making any changes to Obamacare and it was the law of the land. In the end the Democrats got their way and the GOP agreed to Democrat’s demands.


However, as the rollout of Obamacare continues to vindicate the Republican concerns that caused them to call for a delay in the implementation of the law, Democrats are now becoming gun shy about their support of the law and now they are beginning to run ads opposing the president’s health care law.


The ad is being run by House Majority PAC on behalf of Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, a Democrat in a tough reelection campaign.


While Obamacare was passed along strictly party line votes with all Democrats voting in favor of it while every Republican in both chambers voted against it, the ad no attempts to act as if Kirkpatrick never voted for the law.


The TV ad begins by praising her for criticizing the “disastrous healthcare website.” Kirkpatrick has been rated by the Cook Political Report of being one of 11 Democratic toss up seats this year.


The ad marks a strong contrast to Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who has claimed that Democrats would proudly run on Obamacare this year and that it would not hurt them at all during the campaign season.


Kirkpatrick is not the only Democrat who appears to be wary about running on a bill she voted for. This week when President Obama travelled to North Carolina, Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan said she would not be appearing with the president during his visit.


Hagan is one of several democrats who are considered vulnerable this year and is a key target of Republican attempts to recapture the Senate.


Hagan’s excuse for not appearing with the president was that the senate was in session that day and thus she would be unable to attend. Some have claimed this would be akin to someone saying they could not meet with someone because they had just finished washing their hair.

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  1. harold hall says:

    The Democratic Party had once been the vigil of civility and the underdog. They have transformed themselves into the party of sheep, idolaters in worship of ,as they put it, their messiah Hussein Barrack Obama, and the party of thugs and dictators

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