Budget bill comes to $3 million per word

By Jack Minor –



While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi insists the “cupboard is bare” regarding the federal budget, the bill just passed by Congress turns out to be one of the most expensive ever.


The Associated Press broke down the cost of the $1.1 trillion dollar bill to reveal that the figure breaks down to nearly $3 million per word. The bill contains 1,582 pages and 370,445 words, numbers and symbols. By dividing the $1.1 trillion into the word count it comes out to $2.9 million per word, or nearly $700 million per page.


The numbers may want to give book editors and ghostwriters pause to reconsider the rates they charge to their clients. Frequently, editors and ghost writers base their quotes for project on word count and the new figures from the budget deal would be a lucrative contract indeed for any book project.


What is even more shocking about the omnibus spending bill is that members of congress voted to spend over $1.1 trillion of taxpayer dollars without even reading to bill to determine what the money is being spent on.


CNSNews.com reported that when they asked Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) if he had read the bill prior to voting for it, he laughed and replied, “Nobody did.”


The bill passed with broad bipartisan support in the House on a 359-67 vote with only sixty-four Republicans and three Democrats voting against it.


Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) was one of those who voted against the bill and told CNSNews.com that while he did not “personally” read all of the bill due to time constraints the parts he did read caused him to vote against the legislation.


“We actually — personally, no, I did not read all those pages. Actually, we pulled out probably eight or nine sections of it, and I went through that in detail. And the reason for my no vote, was, there was a couple of things in those sections that I had read, that I had issues with. And so, we didn’t need to go any further, because we knew we were going to vote no. But yes, we went through it. Our staff went through it from front to back.”


While Democrats have complained that the federal budget has been cut to the bare bone, the bill increases agency budgets by $26 billion over last year’s amounts and increases discretionary spending by $45 billion over the amount called for in the sequester cuts.

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