Hold onto your Guns and Tax Returns…

by Craig Masters
The Second Amendment was included as a high priority for a reason. Neither Colorado liberals nor Barack Husein Obama himself and his all-mighty “Pen-of-Executive Powers” have the right to force citizens to be unable to defend themselves against either an intruder or an abusive government. But if WE don’t do something before the end of February, the IRS will be able to stomp out any political speech opposing – well, just about anything they say is political.

IRS; the very initials send chills through Americans. And with the Obama administration’s build-up of a heavily armed IRS “civilian army” permitted to take military style action against Americans on American soil, the President now has the forces in place to implement new regulations from the “pen” he stated clearly that he is not afraid to use. Make no mistake, representative government is being systematically neutered by executive orders by-passing congress. Government by Obamapen is certainly a fundamental transformation of representative government in America.

The latest attack on the Constitution from the White House occupants has been launched on the language undermining the already excessive volumes of IRS regulations. The revised phrase being touted as simplifying of the regulations is exactly the opposite. By making the words less specific, Obama – who is doing this without any legislative process – is setting up the opportunity for exhaustive IRS bullying of opposition political groups and individuals. The personal information demanded by the government if one chooses to support a candidate with just a couple of dollars is frightening. Add the powerful and heavily armed enforcement army of the IRS to the rapidly expanding power of the Obama branch of the central government and single-payer health care will soon be followed by single-party government elections.

But it is going to get much worse if WE don’t stop it now. Under new IRS regulations set to begin sometime after the end of this February, the tax exempt status of politically active groups – such as any conservative group active in the political arena – will be attacked violently. Their supporters will be “legally” attacked through audits searching for disallowed contributions. Currently, only 49% of these groups’ activities are permitted to be partisan politics activities. Such activities as voter registration drives and voter education programs currently do not count as partisan and are therefore part of the 51% of activities required for continued tax exempt status.

But all of those education programs, voter integrity programs etc. will soon be classified as political and count against the 49% limit. Then, the IRS plans to make these new definitions RETROACTIVE to 2009. The back taxes thus applied would be at the corporate rate of 28% plus penalties and interest. The idea here is clear; bankrupt those who speak out against Obama and his policies.

But wait, that isn’t the end of this all-out attack on the First Amendment via the citizen army of the IRS. If you happen to be one of those who donated to these “non-exempt” tax evading groups and you took your donation as a tax exemption in one or all of the past few years, you too will be subject to back taxes plus penalties and interest if the IRS arm of the Obama regime is not stopped NOW.

God Bless Edward Snowden, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Hillsdale College, and others who risk their lives and fortunes to bring us the truth.

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One Response to Hold onto your Guns and Tax Returns…

  1. Bud Darvis says:

    First, a spelling correction. “Hussein” is spelled with two ‘s’s. It’s more of a hissing sound. (than a single ‘s’) The name derives from the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson who became a figure head for the Shi’ite Islam, the majority religion of Iran whose current regime Obama strongly supports, especially against student protests.

    I am not entirely against retroactive laws. Once Obama is out, if he doesn’t have all the records burnt, there will be plenty of evidence to indict him and his cronies on a number of charges. But I think they’ll take the records with them, as Clinton’s crew took the ‘w’s.

    I’ve yet to find law in print authorizing and detailing the establishment of the IRS. Of course, once the government establishes something, it’s “the law” whether it’s the Law or not. Unless they don’t want to enforce it, then it’s not the law. I suspect the U.S. is facing the same chaos of invasion from outside and corruption inside as the Roman empire did, and as the Warsaw pact did, before their “transition” to a new culture. Some like this idea, because they see, in their role as vanguard of the proletariat, the freeing of the masses of the working class from bourgeois capitalism and the establishment of the lo-o-ong promised socialist paradise where each person will receive his true “value for labor,” or “labor value” without harassment by the opium of religion and the oppression of the people who give us money to work for them. Others like the idea because they hope the current unbearable mound Bovine Stuff will end. (I doubt it will ever end.)

    Retroactive laws should be outlawed by the Constitution. They are little more than Tools for Congresspeoples to punish noncongresspeoples for doing things the Congresspeoples don’t like, like voting for a different political party than theirs, saying nice things about people they don’t like, bringing up that bothersome Constitution thing, struggling for local government control by the people themselves, demanding the right to self-determination, and suggesting that food not be taxed, that politicians do not deserve life-long pensions for a few years of office work, and that Christian churches should operate and be taxed and treated like every other commercial enterprise – except the automobile industry, the post office monopoly, all the little nutty organizations that spun off from the prostitution-mongering, bitter ACORN conspiracy, and other people who are exempted from federal law – such as Congresspeople themselves.

    Other than that, I agree with Craig Master’s essay. 😉

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