Shakeup: Buck and Gardner switching places

By Jack Minor –


In a bizarre twist, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck has announced he is pulling out of the race for the Senate nomination against Mark Udall and will instead run for the 4th Congressional District seat currently held by Cory Gardner, who is running for the Senate seat.


In a statement issued to supporters, Buck explained that he decided to drop out of the Senate race because he feels that Gardner has the best chance to capture the seat from Udall and help switch the senate back to Republican control.


“With Cory Gardner’s decision to enter the U.S. Senate race today, I have decided to step aside and endorse him,” Buck said. “We need to replace Mark Udall in the Senate, and I believe Cory is in the strongest position to make that happen.”


“The Senate race has never been about me, but about helping change the direction of the country.  With that in mind, I have decided to enter the race for the 4th Congressional District.  I hope to have the opportunity to lead the fight for limited government and fiscal responsibility as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.”


The move has the potential to be a game changer in the state. Gardner brings with him national name recognition and the ability to generate case. Buck is well respected in Weld County and won his reelection to the District Attorney’s office handily. He also has the distinction of being the state’s first district attorney to secure a hate crime conviction against a man who murdered transvestite Angie Zapata.

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One Response to Shakeup: Buck and Gardner switching places

  1. Bud Darvis says:

    I’m hoping for some third party to give Democrats and Republicans a run for their money. A Libertarian would be better than a Democrat, a Constitution Party candidate would be better than a Republican, and a Whig might be better than them all. However, one blessed feature of this race is that there doesn’t seem to be any carpet-bagger running for office, like there was in the Greeley mayor’s race.

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