Russia, US exchange Nazi references

By Jack Minor –


In a sign of how tense the situation in Ukraine currently is, officials with both the US and Russian President Vladimir Putin are using references to Adolph Hitler and Nazism to justify their positions on the issue.


Over the weekend, the Russian military took control of the Crimean Peninsula, an portion of Ukraine that is the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and where the majority of inhabitants speak Russian. The Russians quickly took over the area without firing a shot.


Since the invasion questions remain as to whether Putin has intentions to move further and attempt to take over the rest of the country.


Officials in the administration have criticized Putin’s move by saying that is now nation’s in the 21st century are supposed to do things and his actions are more reminiscent of the 18th century. President Obama likened the issue to a legal dispute saying that Putin had simply gotten bad advice from his lawyers.


As part of the war of words over the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula both sides have resorted to references to World War II and Adolph Hitler.


Putin has used the claim of neo-Nazism to justify his decision to send in military forces, saying they were the ones behind the protests that resulted from the toppling of Viktor Yankukovych and were the key ones instrumental in the Ukrainian President’s downfall.


WND reported that the analysts have said the ultra-nationalist groups present a threat to Russia since their members are willing to confront security forces.


Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the reason for Russia’s aggressive stance is because of a change in Russian military doctrine that was implemented following the conflict in 2008 between Russia and Georgia. The new doctrine says Russia will send in troops anywhere to defend Russians.


WND noted that while the doctrine may sound like a reasonable attempt to defend its citizens, all of the states in the former Soviet Union have large Russian populations and the doctrine could be used as an open-ended method of using “legal aggression” in other countries.


However, the Nazi reference is not just limited to Russia, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that Putin’s actions in Ukraine are similar to steps implemented by Adolph Hitler in the 1930s. Prior to the official start of World War II, Hitler would often use the pretense of going into other countries such as Austria hat there were members of the German population living in these countries that needed protection.

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