Ukrainians have shown US it can be done

by Craig Masters

Once again Obama has demonstrated there is no depth to which he will not slither. His list of treasonous acts just keeps growing. Sadly, unlike the rugged Ukraine people who saw their government had crossed the line and moved backward away from freedom, Americans no longer have the vision nor apparently the courage to take back their government from the Washington Regime. The idea that we should trade total freedom for totalitarian security is being ‘ink boarded’ into our brains by the barrels of printing ink of the mainstream media. Now being “monitored” by Obama news evaluators.

It is certainly the ultimate act of irony that the IRS official, Lois Lerner,  who headed the criminal activities of agents attacking those who dared to oppose Obama politically, would hide behind the very Constitution she would shred to protect Obama. Lerner sat beside her lawyer and repeatedly refused to answer the questions of the congressional committee based on her Constitutional Right not to be forced to testify against herself.

A Constitutional Right! Is that Right from the same Constitution her boss has repeatedly spit on and used to wipe his American-blood soiled shoes? Yes, Obama has ordered the killing of Americans without any due process. Miranda be damned!

How do we allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be given illegally collected communications between whistleblowers and members of congress; then penalize and fire those same people who would dare to report problems within the FDA?

Why are we allowing the NSA to collect emails and record phone calls between a Chicago law firm and its client, an Indonesia trade group: then give those records to government trade regulators – the very people who are charged with negotiating agreements in good faith? What has happened to lawyer – client privilege? Who can trust our legal system now? What client is going to trust that the criminals at the NSA won’t give critical information to the prosecutor? Why don’t we force out the names of the 12 secret judges who comprise the secret court system that gives Obama all these powers?

Consider this amusing incident. Earlier this week the Intelligence Oversight Committee acted surprised to learn that the secure computers installed by the CIA in a secure facility leased by the CIA were bugged by the CIA. How un-intelligent is that committee? The CIA is absolutely forbidden from doing this by (musical ta da) the Constitution.

Let’s see now, I mentioned criminal activities of the IRS, CIA, NSA, and the FDA. So I will close with the SAT. The SAT is the standard college entrance exam. This week it was announced that the essay portion (that’s the section where a student needs to prove they can string together a few coherent thoughts in what passes for good grammar) will be eliminated from the test.

But much bigger SAT changes are coming. The questions are being rewritten to force the students to answer according to the propaganda of Common Core Curriculum standards.

For those who just don’t understand what the problem is with a national curriculum dictated to local schools, I can only say learn to say, “Heil Obama or worse” and refer you to the great warehouse of files of information on Chinese children from birth through school to employment and detailing absolutely every aspect of their family’s life. “In China, the goal is to create productive citizens who can serve society. Thus, a child excels to benefit China, not for his or her personal wealth,”

God Bless Edward Snowden

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