TSD Teachers’ behavior criticized by State Senator

by Craig Masters
At the March 19, meeting of the Thompson School District Board of Education a notable observer, State Senator Kevin Lundberg, was in the audience. After witnessing first hand the disgraceful behavior of too many district teachers, Senator Lundberg was moved to post his comments online and send them out in emails. Below are his comments:

I was appalled.

Last night (Wednesday night) I attended the Thompson School District’s school board meeting in Loveland. This is the board that changed in the last election to a conservative, reform majority of four members of the seven member board. I had been told that the district employees, particularly from the teacher’s union, have been doing all they can to create a disruptive atmosphere at the school board meetings held since that election.

My experience last night confirmed those reports. The board allowed a public comment period for well over an hour. During that time the board listened quietly (for most of the time) as over 25 people spoke their mind to the board and the well over 150 people who packed the board room audience.

In all of my experience with public meetings (and I have attended hundreds), I have never witnessed as many personal attacks on individual members of a panel or board conducting a meeting. Whereas most speakers conducted themselves with proper decorum, about a third of the speakers engaged in the personal attacks of individual members of the board.

The largest group in the audience were teachers, along with other employees of the district. Additionally there were 20-30 people who came to express support for the board. It was a great disappointment to see people who should be the most responsible in our community exhibit such disregard for common courtesy in public discussion. In the legislature I have never seen such disrespect allowed in any public hearing.

My counsel to the board and administration of the Thompson School District is to get their house in order. All personal attacks on individuals should not be allowed, period. Anyone who crosses that line should be warned once, not allowed to speak if they persist, and removed from the room if they offend three times.

Perhaps as more people become aware of the classless, pointless, union-rumor inspired behavior of some of the district’s teachers, there will be even more support for local control of the education of local children. To be sure, at this time, there are only two elected leftists on the board of seven. Four elected conservatives and one additional leftist there by a timely appointment of the previously leftist controlled board.

Perhaps the public is watching closer than the Thompson Education Association union thinks they are. At the recent republican county assembly for Larimer County, two of the five most widely supported resolutions were opposition to Common Core Curriculum and support for home schooling. In fact, opposition to the federal take-over of school curriculum received more delegate support than the resolution to repeal Obamacare. I can only hope the TSD school board reads this.

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