Piers Morgan takes parting shot at Second Amendment supporters

By Jack Minor –


Despite his fetish with gun control proving to be a ratings disaster for his show, British CNN host Piers Morgan let loose with one final tirade against Americans who support the Second Amendment on his final show this week.


He stated that he was completely opposed to any private ownership of guns saying that guns belong “on a military battlefield, in the hands of highly trained men and women fighting for democracy and freedom. Not in the hands of civilians.”


He then went on to blame the reason guns are still legal in America is because of what he and other gun control supporters call the “gun lobby.”


The gun lobby in America, led by the NRA, has bullied this nation’s politicians into cowardly, supine silence. Even when 20 young children are blown away in their classrooms,” Morgan said in a reference to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


However, Morgan and others who want to advance a gun control agenda fail to mention that the NRA and similar groups that they define as the “gun lobby” are composed of regular everyday Americans who support the Second Amendment and want to protect their freedoms. This is a far cry from the implication that the people opposing gun control are some corporate boogeyman.


Morgan also stated that more guns do not equate to less crime, despite numerous studies showing that states and areas with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime rates such as New York City or Washington D.C.  Another city that is noteworthy for having high crime while outlawing assault weapons was Gary, Indiana.


The city, which was home to Michael Jackson, had its assault weapons ban grandfathered in after the state passed a law in 1994 prohibiting local governments from passing laws more restrictive than state law. In spite of their tougher gun laws, the city achieved the distinction of murder capital of the United States, to the point it was even acknowledged in a police billboard.


The billboard was prominently placed on a highway leading through the city and said, “Caution: You are now entering Gary, Indiana, Murder Capital of  the United States, where the police are extremely overworked and underpaid. Enter at your own risk. This sign paid for by the Gary Police Department.”


Morgan has long had contempt for the vast majority of Americans who support the Constitution’s Second Amendment. When a grass roots movement sprung up to fight against draconian gun control laws in the state, Morgan criticized the citizens for standing up to outside groups such as Michael Bloomberg and other gun control groups and recalled two Democratic state senators and forced a third one to resign.


“Colorado is, of course, where they’ve spent the last few months throwing out politicians who had the audacity to advocate gun control,” Morgan said.

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One Response to Piers Morgan takes parting shot at Second Amendment supporters

  1. Gene Ralno says:

    Morgan is a prissy little wuss who never served his country and sure as hell never served ours. His degree is in journalism and he wouldn’t know the difference between a clip and a carbine. I doubt he’s ever owned a firearm. Where does he get the chutzpah to lecture free Americans on the evils of OUR Constitution?

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