Obamacare deadline prompts world’s largest protest

by Craig Masters

Civil rights riots and the Viet Nam War protests were the result of some Americans uniting in civil protests to tell their government to change a policy or rewrite a law. These protests made headline news. In a few cases, hundreds of thousands joined episodes of civil disobedience and risked being fined, jailed and beaten in the streets. But these protesters stood united. They had one policy, one law, one course of action they wanted their government to change. They believed the fines and beatings were worth suffering to force government to change bad policy. They put freedom and honor above government orders

Americans have once again been ordered by government to buy into bad policy; Obamacare. The news repeated the order every day that if we refused to comply by March 30, we would be fined. The IRS, with its 16 thousand new agents,  could take our property for failing to pay the “fee.” Those who continue to refuse to join will be imprisoned. But Obamacre is bad government policy. In the largest act of civil disobedience in world history, more than 230 million American adults drew a  line in the sand and said, “hell no,we won’t buy!”

Did the headlines report this event? No! Not one word about that 97% of us who did not join. No report that nearly every adult in America, including even the uncounted illegals, virtually told Obama and his IRS agents to “come and get us.”

Instead, the news media has come to fear the tyranny and threats of censorshp of this administration so much that the headlines reported lies of how successful Obamacare was in getting 6million people to register in the program.

Think about how massive this socialist program has failed. In spite of being repeatedly warned and threatened, only a paltry 3 out of every 100 or more adults were frightened enough to bow down to this tyranny.

At no time ever in history has a population ever stood so united in such large numbers. What happened on the March deadline was not a successful launch of a socialist program to transform America. Instead, what actually happened was a civil protest so large and so united with a simple message so clearly telling  government to change policy, that no one can deny it happened.

No other act of civil disobedience against any government has ever had so much support by so many. Not even the American Revolution was so unanimously supported by the colonists as the 97% of us who revolted this time by not speaking, not signing up, not obeying the law.

Now let the fines and arrests and beatings begin. Let us see if the citizen army quietly built and armed over these past few years will support the “transformation” promised; or will these legions of agents join their neighbors and once more establish a land of the free?

No one yet knows the truth about how many citizens really signed up. This administration has a very clear record of lying about – well, everything! Let’s wait for the truth. God bless and protect the confidential informants who report government wrongdoing to the world. Dianne Feinstein said she was “concerned” that some high school drop out with a ten dollar website might report something someone might mistake as “news. Let’s hope so.

When more than 97 out of every 100 citizens and residents of the same country break the same law at the same time, maybe there is something wrong with the law. Now, that’s a serious protest!

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