Cowardice ordered by Marine Commanders

by Craig Masters

In an inexcusable act of cowardice in the face of facts, marines have been ordered to run and hide when danger approaches. But Maj. Gen. Juan G. Ayala, Commander Marine Corps Installations Command, whose head is probably somewhere where he can’t see the sun shine, thinks by taking the weapons away from trained, law-abiding Marines in their own “homes”, he is somehow going to create what he calls safe havens.

Headquarters Marine Corps via Fort George Mead, MD  The release of Marine Administrative Message 176/14 (MARADMIN) creates standard policy and enforcement measures Corpswide.

“We decided to reemphasize, across the Marine Corps regulations, we have on the books at several installations and to make sure our Marines understand them,” Maj. Gen. Juan G. Ayala, Commander Marine Corps Installations Command, said. “We also wanted to make certain our installations remain safe for our Marines, sailors and their dependents — I like to use the term safe havens.”

 But of course we know with absolute certainty that the facts have established that “safe havens” is the liberal buzz word for ‘safe zone for mass murderers.’

Marine Corps Insider / Kit Up!

…. a prohibition on privately owned firearms in all federal facilities, leased spaces and government vehicles, and prohibitions on carrying privately owned concealed firearms on Marine Corps installations.

Additionally, such firearms stored aboard Marine bases must be registered and on file with the provost marshal’s office/ Marine Corps police department, according to Marine Corps officials.

Also, neither the weapons nor the ammunition for them will be stored in bachelor enlisted quarters for non-commissioned officers and below. For enlisted staff NCOs and officers, storage in the BEQ and BOQ is at the discretion of the base commander.

Commanders may also authorize Marines to store personally owned firearms in unit or installation armories.

On April 3, 2014 the second mass murderer to go on a shooting rampage on Ft. Hood was so “safe” from confrontation that he was able to leave the first building and go to a second building to continue shooting innocents until the moment he was finally confronted with a person with a weapon. The he stopped shooting – anyone else.

I guess this General Ayala is what we have come to expect from the leadership of a commander-in-chief who – well, never mind.

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