Helicopters confiscated from Militia

by Craig Masters

The Constitution, for what it’s worth these years, reserves to the states the control over the civilian militia – now accepted as the National Guard. Once again this week we saw why the Second Amendment was never ever about hunting – it was always about the ability of the people to defend themselves against government tyranny and abuse. Tyranny and abuse like we saw unfold in Bunkerville, Nevada.

In case you hadn’t heard, there was a major stand off this week in Bunkerville, Nevada, between federal agents and citizens over – what else; property rights. This time the government was surprised by a rapid and ready citizen militia armed nearly as well as the few dozen agents of the “citizen army” Obama has been building and arming for several years now. Next time the feds come, and they will come again for those ‘trespassing’ cows, don’t be surprised if they show “shock and awe” force to the people and the cows.

Was this a test run for the administration? Was this a preview of “land grabs” to come by the growing socialist power in Washington?

Earlier this year the Army began shuffling paperwork to pretend it needed to save money. So, in a cleverly disguised move to further disarm the states – and thereby the people – the Army decided to confiscate all the National Guard AH-64 helicopters.

One of the earliest reports on this federal disarming of the militia came from Salt Lake City, where Utah National Guard Gen. Jefferson Burton voiced his opposition to the idea of limiting Apaches (AH-64’s) to active Army units only! Gen. Burton said he believed this was a dangerous move by the federal government; “it takes the National Guard out of the combat aviation business,” he stated for the record.

One immediate measure the federal government has imposed in the aftermath of the Bunkerville standoff is to maintain air superiority above the area and impose a “no-fly zone” for at least the next 30 days. Meanwhile, the headlines in the Washington Times online edition April 9, read “Army goes to war with National Guard, seizes Apache attack helicopters.” These things can’t be unrelated.

Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Odierno, stated that this was a financial decision which would possibly save the Army $12 billion over the next 3 years. He did not say if that estimate accounted for the additional losses incurred in crashes. Gen. Burton pointed out in January that the National Guard not only operates the apaches at half the cost of the Army but the Guard also has a better safety record. In figures based on a year of deployment in Afghanistan, the Army lost 10 apaches due to pilot error while the National Guard didn’t lose any.

Will the Senate Armed Services Committee question Odierno’s accounting? Not so long as Harry Reid, Obama and the Chinese have anything to say about it.

Bureau of Land Management documents now removed from the Bureau’s web site but available to review on Free Republic clearly show that Harry Reid and his former senior advisor, who happens to be the current director of the BLM, needed to remove cattle from the “public” land for a huge deal to build a solar energy plant with Chinese partners. Those documents titled “Cattle Trespass Impacts” state in part;

that Bundy’s cattle “impacts” solar development, more specifically the construction of “utility-scale solar power generation facilities” on “public lands.”

Interesting that there is no mention of the protected desert tortoise, or the impact of the cows on the public’s use of the land.

While the BLM agents were busy trying to convince the public that the confiscation of the privately owned cows was due to unpaid fines of nearly a million dollars, a private contractor was awarded $900,000 (nearly a million dollars) to round up the cows and the BLM military style encampment and operation probably will end up costing the public another million or so of chump change.

In the end the cattle that weren’t killed were returned to their owner, no doubt the contractor will get paid, the feds retreated, and some ignorant evironmentalist claimed the victory went to the endangered desert tortoise.

Of course the cows, the tortoises, and a few tourists have co-existed in that desert for more than 150 years, but somehow Harry Reid and the Chinese building a multi-billion dollar solar energy plant covering God only knows how many acres of “public land” won’t bother the tortoises or impact the public’s use. I wonder if environmentalists can spell ‘construction, corruption’ or even ‘fence’ to keep people off the public land covered in toxic solar cells?

Maybe at least the Chinese will be mining their own public land for rare earth minerals needed to build those toxic solar cells.

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