Open letter to the IRS on Tax Day

Dear IRS,
Since January of last year you have taken my wages and held them, you say, for me. You tell me that this is good for me because you fear I would spend so much of the money I earned that when this day arrived, the day my taxes are due, I would not have the money to pay my taxes.
Perhaps you are right. Since last we corresponded on tax day last year, I lost my health insurance because, my boss said, the company had to cut my hours or be forced out of business by Obamacare taxes for the health care I no longer have. With fewer hours of pay, I had to cut back on a few other things as well. The increasing cost of food takes more grocery money than last year and with less grocery money to spend my family probably would have spent some of the tax savings money on food this year.
I tried to find a second job to make up for the lost hours at work but so did most of the other guys who got their hours and health insurance cut. The cost of gasoline is so high these days that even trying to get to work takes a bigger part of my household budget than last year. And speaking of the household budget, without the withholding money you have put away for me, I had to spend the rest of my savings on monthly bills; like utilities and the payments on the growing credit card bills.
Our family didn’t take a vacation again this year. And this year we had to cut back on the visits to the nearby national recreation area because there are now parking fees in addition to the increased entrance fees. I really didn’t notice the reduced number of visits though because the few days I had vacation from work the recreation area was closed anyway.
I used the extra money I saved not being allowed to go to the national recreation, area for Christmas. And speaking of Christmas vacation, again, it was sure a good thing you were holding my wages this year or our family surely would have spent some of that tax money on gas to travel over to Grandma’s house; she passed away this spring and the last Christmas with her would have just been more memories of good times we used to have.
By the way, would you be sure to tell that Lois lady that I didn’t give any money to that tea party group after I found out she told them they were not a tax exempt organization? And I promise to repay her for that deduction you told me I couldn’t take from the year before.
Anyway, I understand it takes millions of dollars for the Obamas to have Christmas with family in Honolulu and how important it was for Michele and the family to visit those beautiful sites in Ireland and research genealogy for Barack; even though it cost more than $8,000,000 for those three days in Ireland, I understand the importance of family.
In fact, although we do have more credit card debt that ever before, I understand the government is also further in debt than ever before. So, since you already have the money you kept from me each payday, and we are getting used to doing without some of the things we used to have, you might as well just keep it. I am sure the President and his family will need to do more traveling in the next couple of years and I’d sure hate to see their credit card bills go up as much as ours has. Especially if one of them would happen to get ill.

The Craig Masters family

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2 Responses to Open letter to the IRS on Tax Day

  1. Scott says:

    If the Ukrainians can unite with their military to fight tyranny, we can to!!

  2. Disgusted says:

    The IRS said the employees don’t have to pay their back taxes. Our tax preparer made a mistake on our return this year, you bet the IRS peeps caught it, they would never give a hard working person a break for anything. It was a mistake, not intentional yet it seems 200 flags came up as IRS can’t be giving us our own money back, only fraudulently returns from over seas get billions sent to them.
    Worse than the fraud in Medicare.
    How do these people get their jobs? During interview are they asked how mean and rotten they can be towards fellow man?

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