BLM declares Texas is Oklahoma land

 by Craig Masters

Cowboys at the ready

While the world watched, these cowboys sat ready to defend their way of life against more than 200 heavily armed federal agents and snipers hiding in the hills. The agents were sent by Harry Reid’s former senior advisor, 35 year old Neil Kornze, to confiscate open range cattle from the last rancher in Clark County, Nevada

In the  days since Dave Bundy was attacked on a public state highway and arrested for interfering with federal officials (for filming them in action), the details for the reasons behind the “land grab” have become obfuscated by the propaganda machine of the federal government.  Pictures of the BLM agents’ violent actions against the Bundy family members and others began to circulate in the alternative media. Protesters were told to remain behind fences labeled “First Amendment Area” as milita men mobilized from around the country to come to “protect the citizens” from a potential slaughter of Americans that would have surely led to massive armed expansion against the tyranny of the Obama/Reid administration.

Gradually, the real back story has emerged. The original bullhocky story about the cattle endangering desert tortoises fell apart when the truth was discovered that only recently the BLM had gerrymandered the boundaries of endangered habitat and created a mitigation area needed to replace habitat where Harry Reid’s son and a Chinese energy company planned to build a 5 billion dollar solar energy project. The federal subsidies for that project have yet been fully discovered. The BLM web site has been scrubbed of details except for some limited images that got reproduced by Free Republic and now abound on the internet.

However, it takes more than a few days to develop a plan for a 5 billion dollar solar farm covering more than 5000 acres. It is now known that in order for “Non-Governmental Organizations” (the Chinese) to move forward with development of the “Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone” that project will destroy desert habitat in the Zone. Therefore an “offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development” area needed to be established. Those exact words remain available on the reproduced sections of the BLM web pages.What that means is, the developers needed to replace one habit with another. Such a new site would need to be far enough away from the toxic solar energy farm to attract the occasional migrating southwestern willow flycatcher ( a bird more commonly found in southern California and Arizona ). Do flycathers eat flies? Yes. Do cow patties attract flies? Usually.

But ignoring all the developments since 1993, a critical issue still remains. The United States government – we the people – gave 1870’s settlers a promise of an open range for cattle if they would homestead and ranch on the land recently annexed from Mexico. The Bundy family answered that call and have honored their part of the contract ever since. In 1993 the Clinton administration unilaterally decided to completely rewrite the original promise conditions and, like so many treaties the U.S. has signed with so many, we simply threw the original promises in the trash and told the Bundy family to take it or leave it! In this case one and only one rancher, Bundy, told the government he was holding the government to its word. What we have seen then since 1993 is that the word of our government isn’t worth a damn. It seems those 1870’s settlers were told, “If you like your ranch you can keep it.”

Why does the government feel it has the unilateral right to change the contract so completely that no other rancher has been able to continue to make a living? Is the corrupt and borderline criminal, politically powerful Harry Reid, once again pulling another fast and furious land deal? Are the citizens of Nevada placing the interest of Chinese investors and the Reid family higher than the honor of the United States word to the settlers that opened the Nevada territory some one hundred and fifty years ago?

Today, the alternative media has begun to cover another BLM land grab. In Texas, rancher Tommy Henderson is being told the government is confiscating his 90,000 acre ranch along the Red River. Henderson is also told that once the BLM takes his ranch for public land, he might be able to arrange a grazing contract; you know, like Cliven Bundy and his neighbors used to have in Nevada.

Henderson has a clear deed to his land in the state of Texas. He has no back taxes or fines or other issues pending. So how is the BLM taking his family ranch? The BLM has decided to declare that his land is now in Oklahoma and therefore his Texas deed became invalid when the Red River moved its banks south.

If one more federal agent takes one more legal gun from one more American, the rest of us need to put a stop to it – before none of us can!

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32 Responses to BLM declares Texas is Oklahoma land

  1. it is looking more & more like dirty HARRY REID, and the PRESIDENT, are looking for to DIE in very short order, and they will with this attitude !!

  2. Ray Ernie Carpenter says:

    Tommy Henderson doesn’t own 90,000 acres! Why post lies? Just for the dramatic effect?

  3. Johnny says:

    It’s actually the other way around………

  4. Jack says:

    One of the reasons they’re doing this to independent ranchers is the same reason they’re doing the same thing to small farmers…they want to control the masses by controlling our food sources. They only want large corporations raising meat animals.

    From Monsanto trying to control seed distribution to large corporate farmers buying up small farmers land after they run them out of business. They can control droughts with HAARP and they can control small farmers with government agencies like the BLM, FWS, EPA, etc.

    It all falls under their master plan for the NWO.

  5. Steve Hughes says:

    Amongst the myriad questions thunking around in MY head, over this as-yet unresolved potential American travesty, ONE keeps thunking the loudest and most often. It’s a question for the truly foolish armed THUGS who will SHAMEFULLY and ILLEGALLY continue to attempt to achieve – for the thieves – what could not be accomplished via the courts, abuse of the Constitution or other the Rule of Law: While YOU are assaulting this family’s HOME…who is going to be protecting YOUR HOME? Even the stupidest of you must finally realize it WILL come to that.

  6. Daniel lee Morgan says:

    Sounds like what exactly like what happened in Ocottillo area of Imperial Valley Cal. , they , the B.L.M. allowed some energy company to put up. appox. a hundred wind mills !!! To the east of town up to the Anza Borrego State park a distance probably 20 miles.To the north of town up to the Coyote mountains a distance of appox 10 miles. that is about 200 sq. miles that has been given to some other entity Was it, with or with out due process. I wonder who owns that power company? It had legal trails for off roading , not now! A of course they had to close more areas to mitigate the damage they allowed, how about that! The sad part is if you happen to ride in these areas they are more than happy to give you a ticket , or worse! But if you are illegal, whoops. I meant undocumented democratic voter . they are there to help you! I’m sorry I sound jaded, but have off roaded , in this area for more than 40 years, Ive seen the B.L.M. do this time and time again! This time it sounds like, they pushed it a little to far! In a real Constitutional Republic , these self serving “Public Officials” would face the law, now they act like the law, only applies to us little people,not them ! But now after the Bundy stand off, will,this make them think a little bit more about blatant land grabs ? I doubt it! P.S. I think Harry Reid draws more flies than cow dung, because he is so full of crap!!!

  7. Jim says:

    Putting ALL the pieces together regarding this story of the Bundy’s and the land. It is not unreasonable to conclude that Reid is getting his ass handed to him by the Chinese for failing. No Chinese company operates outside of the Chinese gov’t. The Chinese gov’t tells companies what is expected, and it best not to fail if you want to survive.
    Reid failed. The Chinese most likely are letting him know their disappointment AND emphasizing HOW THEY would have handled it without all the clamor. I have no doubt that Reid is fuming and ready to order the kill the next time. Approx. 20 BLM agents were set up, under orders, to enter an ambush, where they certainly would have been killed. Unleashing an attack by the SWAT/FED’s against the Militia and any one else.
    Thankfully, by virtue of the training of the Militia, and apparently an outside conscience/voice, that ambush was avoided.
    What upsets me greatly is personal.
    Stepping back and trying to see the bigger picture( to be cliche’), last November in a conversation with a work associate I called this. I said by mid April, and no later, an event would be created, where an ambush would be committed, by the Militia against Fed/Local agents, that would result in an all out action resulting in gun control enforcement leading to martial law.
    Now, I see Reid kowtowing to the Chinese for being to much a milquetoast to order the shootings. He, and several others in gov’t, are up their ears with the Chinese in agreements to allow Chinese expansion into the U.S.
    Failure is not acceptable. Another event has to be arranged and soon.

  8. Arizona says:

    THE LORD bought me to colorado to do one thing,WARN OF THE COMING OF THE SWORD,meaning the american and foreign government militaries,NOW THEIR HERE,and I know,I talk to them at wal-mart all the time in trinidad,THE RUSSIANS are something to hear,their not shy,THEY TALK about whats coming,COLORADO is my final resting place,THE RUSSIANS and YOUR DADDY OBOOZO is going to BOMB colorado into the stone age,not many will survive,I would guess it will be the servants of the LORD who will live to tell about it,the rest will be leaving soon,WHERE? well I’d say thats up to you…………..

  9. It’s stand our ground now before we have no ground to stand on

  10. loto says:

    I hope Mr. Bundy holds out! A deal is a deal. And regarding the story of Mr. Henderson in Texas. The Red River divides Texas and Oklahoma – it is a natural border. If Mr. Henderson’s ranch is in Texas and Texas is south of Oklahoma and if the Red River’s banks have moved south, wouldn’t that have pushed Mr. Henderson’s ranch further into Texas?! And, are we to understand that both the north bank of the Red River and the southern bank have both moved at the same time so that the State of Oklahoma is now encroaching into what has been Texas for the past 150+ years?!? So, Oklahoma is melting into Texas? I was born, raised and have lived in the great State of Texas for over 50 years and you might be able to play around with ranchers in Nevada but, this ought to get interesting with telling a Texas rancher that his clear deed land is now in Oklahoma because the Red River banks moved South into Texas!!!!!! Talk about pissing on someone’s leg and telling ’em it’s raining……… This ought to be good!!!!!

  11. SWIFT says:

    The time for talking is over. You could well compromise yourself into serfdom. The BLM has shown it’s iron fist, time for we-the-people to show ours.

  12. Bastiat says:

    I believe that the salient point here, regarding the Texas incident, is the BLM’s assertion of deed rights becoming invalid because the Red River moved its banks south. Texas is uniquely exempt from the confiscations going on in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico (which many would argue are illegal under the Constitution in any event), because it was an independent Republic that chose to join the USA. So the BLM had to use another technique there, and it resorted to the UN’s Agenda 21, which is embodied in The Earth Constitution, Article 22., which regulates the world’s waterways.
    That’s right, you read it correctly. This dates back to the Clinton era. Many U.S. states have already implemented their own versions of this legislation; NJ and CA come to mind, and they just substituted “state” for “world.”

  13. AffinityNetNews says:


    A private foreign owned for-profit off-shore corporation, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico, in 1925 is a de facto fraudulent corporate entity masquerading as our lawful constitutional governing body.

    Few Americans realize that there was a covert and secretive bankruptcy of our nation in 1930, that concluded in 1938, that was illegally fomented by Wall Street and London City international banksters to steal all assets and natural resources from our geographical landmass that was kept hidden from the American People to present day.

    Under this bankruptcy a new USA Inc., was created in 1925, that would destroy Anglo Saxon Common Law and render our Constitution of 1776, null and void and thrown into the dust-bin of history by the traitorous and corrupt court system, and by the fraudulent federal and state so-called government.

    This bankruptcy placed the nation and all its assets and holding including the Flag, all buildings every possible asset including We The People into bondage to these criminal banksters as collateral to pay-off all debt created by USA Inc., to the international banksters forever.

    Obama is CEO and employee of USA Inc., and does not represent the interests of the American People, only that of the Shareholders of USA Inc.

    Now you know why the traitor and whore Obama is silent about the Bundy Ranch raid.

    CON-gress is the Board of Directors of USA Inc., and does not represent the American People, only that of the shareholders of USA Inc.

    Now you know why the traitorous CON-gress is silent as well.

    Who are the shareholders of USA Inc. ?

    Answer: The Rothschild/Rockefeller/British Crown/Vatican corporate cartel, and its minion banks, and the ruling elite private shareholders that remain hidden from public view.

    What does this have to do with the Bundy Ranch?


    BLM, as is the IRS, TSA, EPA, Park Service, NSA, FEMA, NASA, BATFE, DARPA, CIA, Federal Reserve, Treasury Depart., DOJ, DOD, all federal,state, county, parish, township, and city law enforcement and agencies are subjugated sub-corporations to USA Inc. as of 1933.

    In 1933, all the people and property were secretly hypothecated unlawfully and placed under Public Trust as debtors to the management and control of the International Federal Reserve Monetary and Banking Systems Incorporated that had been enacted in 1913, under the Federal Reserve Act, as administrators of the bankruptcy and receivership that they themselves fraudulently created to enslave We The People and our nation.

    Hypothecate: means to to pledge as security without delivery of possession.

    There is no lawful Constitutional government – only a criminal private foreign owned off-shore corporation that wants to enslave you and steal everything you have and then finally kill you under Agenda 21 for population reduction.

    Question: Do you owe money or taxes to a private foreign owned off-shore criminal corporation that is fraudulently masquerading as your lawful sovereign government?

    Question: Do you think Cliven Bundy owes taxes or gazing rights back payments to this fraudulent criminal banking/military off-shore corporate cartel?

    This secretive bankruptcy is the key to bringing down this criminal cartel and all of its evil by exposing their fraud and endless oppression, theft, and murder, of the American People.

    Please share this vital information and for all source documentation go to:

  14. The One says:

    While I support the cause of justice in this ongoing debacle perpetrated by the Federal land grabbers I do not see anything like the title in the article? What gives?

  15. Mary Brown says:

    Time to stand as a people and say enough, no more EPA, no more BLM, NO more NSA/FBI/CIA, no more period. Limited government has to come back.

  16. nameless says:

    If allowed to grow, a parasite will always kill its host.

  17. ctuton says:

    Thanks for the article. It seems that this round of media coverage combined with Americans ready to stand up for their rights has caused these events to become a tipping point — like 9/11. It appears that from Bundy/BLM on the relationship between working Americans and their government is going to change.

  18. Frank says:

    It was more like 30 BLM rangers hiding behind SUV’s being faced down by 200 armed cowboys and militia. The BLM negotiator backed off when he realized he and his crew were being set up. They were in a perfect kill box! Sheriff Gillespie, the BLM bosses, politico’s, and the unknown power Feds WANTED the BLM rangers to get shot up so they could then use that as their excuse to POUND the Bundy’s, the militia and at some point to exert martial law across the USA. Don’t believe me? Check it out here from two guys who were there and involved:

  19. T.J. Thomas says:

    The solar energy plant was 200 miles away from Bundy’s land and canceled last year:

  20. Rich Zellich says:

    Even if the usual doctrines say his land is now in Oklahoma due to the river’s course shifting, it would seem to be that Full Faith and Credence would require Oklahoma to issue him a new deed. In either case, I don’t see how the BLM can unilaterally declare his deeded lands to be “public” lands, no matter what state or states the land is in.

  21. pdaddy says:

    Great article with good information. Thank you for your dedication.

  22. -098 says:

    If he has a clear deed to the property then they aren’t going to be able to confiscate jack are they? Not the rancher’s problem the river decided to move.

  23. Eileen K. says:

    Texas IS Texas, NOT Oklahoma, morons from BLM. Tommy Henderson’s ranch is in TEXAS, dummies; so, stay the hell out; or, do you want heavily armed militias to come and drive you out of Texas as they drove you out of Nevada? The choice is yours. You can either be wise and knowledgeable; or, you can be ignorant and stupid, as you were in Nevada.

  24. Rhonda Paulson says:

    Bunker lives near Bunkerville, 80 NE of Las Vegas. The potential solar farm would be built near Laughlin, NV which is 90 south of LV. Facts matter even if they aren’t pretty. Gee, why would we want to bring mfg. back to the USA?

  25. Defiant says:

    Soooo…even once Harry Reid’s ploy was uncovered…he just skates? I don’t get it.

  26. Graeme says:

    Harry Reid the Communist orchestrating the planned Destruction and Communist takeover and enslavement of America and the World

  27. lastnerve says:

    the ask how the native Americans how the us gov keeps a contract.

  28. The Federal government needs to quit with the duplicitous agendas of saying one thing and doing the opposite. Get ready, they are testing the waters to be in position to declare martial law.

  29. Denise says:

    This is not about the desert turtles or the cattle or Bundy. Bundy is the last man standing and it is about Government Overreach. The BLM are thugs that feel they have to have over 200 gunmen to steal the cattle from an honest rancher.
    Why is Harry Reid involved in this if he doesn’t have a financial gain with the property that his attorney son who wants to sell the property valued at 24 to 26 million dollars to a Chinese consortium for 4 to 6 million way under value and HOW MUCH ARE THE REIDS GOING TO POCKET FOR THIS TRANSACTION. Also the turtles that have been protected in a city close to Las Vegas have grown to such numbers that the protection agency has killed many of these turtles because they do not have the funds to care for them, so why are they spending millions on trying to get less than a million from a rancher. They killed 2 of his prize bulls worth a lot of money and it is also calving season and this is a big season for ranchers. In conclusion FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Siinew says:

    “The United States government – we the people – gave 1870′s settlers a promise of an open range for cattle if they would homestead and ranch on the land recently annexed from Mexico.”
    LOL, Awwww… I’m crying on the inside for the Bundys. The government stole the land from the Shoshone Indians, who refused to sell it. They then gave that stolen land to settlers, who now think they should have some kind of “ancestral right” to the land even though it was never theirs to begin with.
    Leave it to right-wing patriot types to cry awwigator tears whenever they don’t get something they think they rightfully stole.

  31. Cathy Arvin says:

    What I don’t understand is the State of Texas allowing this and not sending up the Texas Guard and telling the federal government not to mess with Texas. If this article is true, the man owns the land legally pays his taxes to the State of Texas, so the State of Texas should protect him and put up a fight. Personally I could not vote for someone who would not protect the citizens (even if that only means one citizen) of their state against tyranny.

  32. bill says:

    this is the same thing that happen to the indians years before. lies and more lies for control. the american indians was promise land. one son of a cheif went ot college and learn to read the contracts from the goverment, their land hand been given to them which was considered trash land. the wording stated that as water follows they can keep the land. the goverment knew water didnt flow through the land. the son figured it out and told his dad the chief. they dug a well and made the water flow in order to keep the land.

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