Gun Sense in America speaker kicks of new Bloomberg gun grab plan

by Craig Masters

The April 15, New York Times headline warns us that “Bloomberg Plans a $50 Million Challenge to the N.R.A.” The story details the announcement that the former Democrat, former Republican, former Independent, and now simply self-promoting Michael Bloomberg is planning to create a nationwide network based on lies and supported by millions and millions of dollars of ‘seed money’ to grow  “a nationwide grass-roots network to motivate voters who feel strongly about curbing gun violence, ” reported the Times’ article.

In his comments however, Bloomberg exposes his disdain for Americans’ liberty and freedom of choice. “‘If you don’t vote with us we’re going to go after your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids. And we’re never going to stop.’ ” He added: “We’ve got to make them afraid of us.” Them, being us who believe in the Second Amendment for a reason.

The question then is what should we be afraid of; guns or Bloomberg’s agenda? Multiple recent studies covering decades of gun confiscation in Europe and the United States have all dramatically debunked the lies about gun control being a way to reduce violence. A major study from Harvard, where Bloomberg himself received a business degree, concluded the public is much safer from murder and injury when citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.

Worse still for gun confiscation activists is the data from those studies. As reported in the Northern Colorado Gazette earlier this month, the Gius study comparing only those mass shootings like the Aurora theater shooting, revealed 90% fewer deaths and 84% fewer injuries in those areas where citizens were armed. All major legitimate studies have proven time and again that gun free zones are criminal safe zones.

Since guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are clearly not a problem; and in fact are proven to be the most significant deterrent to violent crimes, what motivates Bloomberg to pay thousands of people to create a false grass roots political movement? One answer is obvious; power and influence over politicians. Another answer – not too different from the first – would be money. As disgusting as it  sounds, the fact is that Bloomberg is in the news business and mass shootings are big news; especially for the local affiliates which get boots on the ground first and longest for world-wide feeds.

Money before safety and lives? It seems so. We know of course that here in Aurora the killer passed by theaters which had no posted signs prohibiting weapons. If he had not, when he began shooting, a good guy with a gun, and maybe many good guys with guns, would most certainly have been the immediate opposition to the bad guy with the gun. The result, as proven by multiple documented cases, would have been fewer victims and maybe only the bad guy would have been the only death. The reality is that one bad guy being shot and killed while trying to shoot innocent theater patrons would have not been a multi-year cash cow for news outlets.

Locally, Bloomberg’s fertilized grassroots movement will be holding a kick-off event April 16, in Golden. One speaker listed on the program is Jennifer Hope, who is identified as the leader of the Colorado Chapter for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Perhaps Hope will actually show some sense and review with those remembering their loved ones lost in Aurora the reality of why so many had to die that night; deceitful, power hungry, greed by those who want “tyranny safe zones” for leaders who fear the truth and demand to be followed at the point of only their guns.

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