Texans and Oklahoma City bomber – all the same to Reuters / Connecticut College professor

by Craig Masters

Did these guys die in Vain?

Reuters makes no apologies for a leftist college professor who says the Oklahoma City bomber and Texans should be studied as one phenomenon. Reuters is often caught slanting their reporting as far left as possible while mis-categorizing rants as news articles. The article following the events of Bunkerville, Nevada last week by writer Jonathan Allen is no exception. To propagandize and justify the government’s actions, Allen found some experts to explain what happened. These self-proclaimed experts in all things rural and Constitutional wasted no words in letting the citizens who came to the aid of the Bundy family feel their full wrath. They fired both barrels. But their powder is wet.

One example of making pandering to the left sound like news is found in this statement from the article:

In the days since the showdown, right-wing websites have begun searching for other Bundys. Several conservative and survivalist blogs have seized on the case of Tommy Henderson, a rancher on the Texas-Oklahoma border who they say is fighting BLM attempts to seize some of his land.

Understanding his base readership, Allen uses the words “blogs and they say” to deceive his leftist base into thinking that, unlike Reuters, any conservative (or honest) news site on the web is actually a blog and there is some sort of question about if or what actions BLM has begun to seize the Henderson ranch. The truth is that there is no question, the BLM is already in action. There is no radical bomb throwing suicidal Texans out in the Republic trying to stir up a fight with Obama’s citizen army. (Obama’s own words – not mine.)

But that subtle word play is just a warm up for the next expert interviewed for this article. After a few sentences about one of the organized groups which came to stand ready if the paid civilian soldiers again escalated their violence from cattle to people, the author brings out his big gun; a diploma waving Ph.D and rural militia expert from that bastion of militia bases, Connecticut College, professor and author Catherine Stock.

In the text of the Reuters interview Stock is credited as saying, that the weekend showdown (at the Bundy ranch in Nevada) marked the latest resurgence of violent, anti-government sentiments that have existed in rural America for centuries. (emphasis added) The word “centuries” seemed a bit overstated considering how much of America was rural not so many decades ago.

Allen explains the reasons Catherine Stock is qualified to tell us what happened in Nevada is because she specializes in rural militias. However, on her web page she actually claims to specialize in rural radicals. Of course from New London her definition of rural radicals is more than a little insulting to – well, anyone who might actually remember the Alamo.

On her Connecticut College web page, Catherine Stock demonstrates her depth of knowledge of all things rural, American history and the value of her Yale Ph.D. by stating,

“If we make no attempt to understand those roots – and until we recognize that those radicals behind Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma bombing and the Republic of Texas are not a new phenomenon – today’s history may be tomorrow’s tragedy.

You don’t even have to read ‘between the lines’ to understand the government-is-never-wrong to professor Stock. She seems to indicate she would have preferred Obama’s citizen army soldiers sent to confiscate the private property of an American citizen not have backed down. She says that backing down was a new twist to government confronting angry rural radicals. “I was like, wow! Seriously?”  she said when being ask about the decision by the government to release the cows and withdraw. It would seem she would have wanted a blood bath to blame on the right-wing extremists.

Professor Stock must have missed the chapter in American history when Abraham Lincoln promised the Bundy family the government would insure a free range for their cattle if they would risk life and security to go West and homestead the new territory those radical Texans helped persuade Mexico to surrender to the United States.


Connecticut College

The Bundy Ranch

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  1. Pat Livingston says:

    these radical Liberal professors should not be allowed around children, their socialist ideas don’t work in a democracy, out of touch with reality, government is not the answer, it is the problem in a lot of these matters !!!

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