More deaths are coming as Democrats and Cartels spend for power.

Craig Masters

Imagine you are walking along in your neighborhood with your young child. Maybe you are on your way home from a day at kindergarten. Your conversation is mostly one-sided as you listen to the excitement of the new ideas learned in class that day and for what will come tomorrow.

Suddenly you are knocked to the ground as the house you are passing by explodes and debris and glass fills the air around you. When you again get to your feet you are devastated to find the lifeless body of your child covered in broken glass, blood and debris from the explosion. Your life is forever changed. You will always second guess if it was somehow your fault for choosing to walk home along that route that day instead of driving the few blocks to school and back.

Later the news is released that the home explosion in your neighborhood that killed your child that day was caused by the residents simply trying to extract some oil from the marijuana they had legally purchased for recreation. All they wanted to do was bake some fun treats for themselves and their friends.

While this story hasn’t yet happened just the way it is written here, it is only a matter of time as Colorado is experiencing at least one marijuana related explosion and death every week. That frequency is only beginning to increase as the recreation drug industry itself explodes here in Colorado.

Today, thanks to the democrats who controlled the Colorado legislature and Governor Hickenlooper, each and every one of us is in more danger of being murdered by a mass murderer with an illegal visa, killed by a driver high on legalized recreational marijuana, or simply killed or seriously injured by a neighborhood home exploding as someone tries to extract some oil for use in drug laced baked goods.

Why do these legislators escape punishment and liability for enacting such public endangering laws? If these kinds of decisions were made by – say the managers of a company manufacturing insulation – the lawsuits would be headlines for decades. Oh, wait, that already happened, and asbestos is just as natural as marijuana, and a whole lot more useful.

While the finaces of such groups as the League of Conservation Voters distract our attantion and distrort the truth about enhanced oil recovery systems,  Mexican criminal cartels are moving to control the new legalized drug industry here. They may well have already poured God only knows how much money into the campaigns of Colorado democrats. Maybe the trial of the Denver lawyer recently indicted for his connection to a Mexican drug cartel will reveal some of the money trail connecting the decriminalization of so much suffering to those legislators who created these dangerous situations for Colorado citizens.

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  1. chancelor palpatine says:

    This is the most disgusting racist bs i have ever read in my entire life. Whoever wrote this should be taken in to a dark room and beaten. The greeley gazette a news source for uneducated racist halfwits

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