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by Craig Masters

While regular readers of the Northern Colorado Gazette don’t always agree with the opinion pieces, they always trust that the news is reported with minimum bias. We don’t have to report stories we might not like or want to give exposure. If an article is under our opinion column, it is more often than not based on, and presents more, facts than most major mainstream newspapers these days. But if the article appears in the news column, it will stand the test of truth and meet a standard the majority of media outlets could only report as “the way it used to be; in a simpler time.”

That “simpler time” is when reporters tried to report without openly driving their readers to a conclusion designed to advance an agenda.

Case in point! Two medias reported on the vote on the bill before the Florida Senate which was written to insure state judges did not have the option to envoke Sharia law over the laws of the state, federal laws or the U.S. Constitution. The vote was straight across party lines; every Republican voted for the bill and every Democrat voted against it. That really makes no sense except to illustrate the increasing loyalty by politicians to party over loyalty to constituents.

The mainstream media headlines declared the Republicans were anti-Muslim bigots. The articles lead the readers to the conclusion that Republicans were trying to outlaw a religion of some sort in violation the separation of church and state clause of the Constitution.

A popular blog using the word ‘journalism’ in the title reported the same vote with the headline that Democrats in Florida voted to allow Sharia law to supersede U.S. laws in Florida courts.

The mainstream outlet added credibility to their point that Democrats were not voting ‘for’ Sharia but against Republican grandstanding by quoting a Senator Eleanor Sobel (D, dist 33). Sobel made the statement that she voted against the bill because it was unnecessary since there were no known incidents in either Florida or any other state where Sheria law was considered to supersede U.S. laws.

Side Bar: It took me less than 30 seconds to find a list of 50 specific appellate cases in which the rulings favored Sharia law over U.S. law. One case from the 13th Circuit in Florida (Tampa) ruled in favor of the Islamic Education Center of Tampa and in so doing specifically overruled a state statute governing arbitration and specifically mentioned that in this case the “constitution” under which the center was operating was Sheria law and therefore the ruling of the arbitrator was not allowed.

I suggest Senator Sobel should read at least some background information before she either votes on a bill she doesn’t understand or makes public comments that indicate for the record she is uninformed. 

On the other hand, the “journalism” blog site insinuated the Democrats actually voted for allowing Sharia law to take precedent over state law.  That is as untrue as the mainstream claim the Republicans were bigots. The bill was simply the means to try control the purity of the judicial system by limiting judges to using only U.S. and state law in Florida courts

The same Sharia system that Florida Democrats see as no real problem, that does not need to be dealt with by the legislature, is the basis for Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram, to advertise that he is going to sell the 200 or so young school girls he has taken from their families in Nigeria. After burning to death the boy students his followers had barracaded inside their domitory, his Islamic murders returned to hiding with their newly aquired spoils of their war on the West. He believes the Qur’an, the basis for Sharia law, says these young girls “are our slaves.” Girls, under his interpretation of Sharia, should not receive “western education” and instead should be married into service of the men. These girls were taken more than two weeks ago and the government had done virtually nothing about it – except to arrest a couple of women who protested the inaction – as of Monday’s video ad going viral on the internet.

I wonder what Senator Sobel would be saying if her little girl was one of those about to be sold as sex slaves to some perverted old Muslim man. Or what she might be thinking when she learns that two women who went to the capitol of Nigeria to protest the government’s inaction got arrested!

By the way, those of you who may wonder, the U.S. annual aid to Nigeria exceeds $625MILLION.

UPDATE: Since initially filing this article for review and before it got published, the Obama adminstration announced the U.S. would be sending a small contingent of FBI / law enforcement guys to Nigeria to “help” the Nigerian government hunt for Abubakar Shekau and the kidnapped girls. Meanwhile the Sultan of Brunai, announced his government is officially accepting Sheria as the law of the country and Hollywood liberals are all of a sudden upset and railing against the Hollywood hotel owned by the sultan’s investment firm – for years!

Interesting that “Hollywood” always portrays FBI guys as bumbling morons. From the box office hit “Die Hard”, “we’re gonna need some more FBI guys…”

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  1. joe says:

    Reading this caused me to lose 15 IQ points. The Gazette should hire a new editor. Also, when was the last time the Gazette published a true news piece? Well done, Brett.

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