Anonymous Republican support – bad idea

by Craig Masters

As a conservative, gun toting, suv driving, hunter and strong supporter of candidates guided by a working moral compass, I have to report being sad to have received a copy of a publication clearly supporting conservative views on several key issues. The publication included several articles bearing bylines – that was good. But the publication does not include – anywhere – the person or organization or publishing company that had paid for the printing and distribution.

The mailing label says the postage was paid by “WIZBANG

There was a reference to a web site. I visited the web site and searched the various pages for information about who was producing the web site. That information was not on the site at the time.

The “contact us” tab was no help. The “about” tab was useless as no identity information was included; only a Mission: “The (NAME OMITTED) mission is to provide readers with breaking news, insight, commentary and analysis from a fresh perspective.”

This publication needs to understand that we all fear the Obama government. And we all hope to avoid an all-out government attack on us. As we see nearly every day, the Obama operatives have every intention to attack every conservative organization and its supporters. The law is no protection when judges are as corrupt or politically motivated as the operatives. We all want a slower disintigration of our country, our rights, and our liberty. But publishing and mailing campaign material disguised as a ‘newspaper’ is not helping. In fact, this publication – even the one issue – will come back to hurt those candidates who ( I think) the publisher(s) wanted to help.

If you know any of those folks who are behind this effort, please be sure to suggest to them that a newspaper must include certain information, campaign literature must include certain information, and materials distributed in support of candidates or issues must include some identifying information. Suggest these folks identify what they are: company, political action committee, newspaper, corporation or just a person trying to get a point across…



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  1. bill says:

    And don’t forget the Jews!

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