The Gospel According to Old Glory

by Jack Minor —



I am known by many names. The Stars and Stripes, the Star Spangled Banner and the Red, White and Blue. However, many simply call me “Old Glory.”


In truth I am all of these things and yet so much more. While some may say I am simply a flag like that of any other nation, in truth I am so much more. I do not simply represent one nation among many; I am the symbol of a very special country.


I was birthed in the fire of revolution from the tyranny of compelling men in the area of religion. America was the first nation founded on the concept of genuine religious liberty and became a beacon, a shining light on the hill for other peoples and nations. I am proud to be the symbol representing this great nation. I am Old Glory, the Stars and the Stripes.


The Liberty Bell displays Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” While these words are great, they are only on a single bell. For a special nation God realized she needed a special flag. I am not like all the other flags you see. Oh to be sure, they represent their nations, and their citizens swell up with pride when they see them, but that is all they represent, a nation.


I am Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, the Red, White and Blue and the Star Spangled Banner. These words are more than just a nickname; these very names show that America was birthed in godly principles.


The bible says set your affections on things above and when I fly I do not just proclaim “I am an American flag.” No, I also proclaim that America was created to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Come now, ye that are young and you that are old and I will tell you a marvelous story woven in my every stitch.


I am more than a flag! I show the gospel of Jesus Christ for all the world to see.


The number of my stripes is thirteen. While it is true there were 13 original colonies, the word of God teaches that thirteen is the number of sin and rebellion. Galatians 3:13 says “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us..” Thirteen are my stripes to proclaim that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” and are under the curse of the law.


My thirteen stripes are broken into seven red and six white. This is no accident. God guided those who created me like He did men and women of old. Six is the number of man, Revelation declares. It is men and women, boys and girls who all need salvation from the thirteen stripes of sin. Seven are the number of the red stripes, and each one borders a white. You cannot get to a white stripe with going through my red.


The red is not just for the blood of patriots, but instead is a portrait of the blood of the one who made the ultimate sacrifice for Liberty, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh. The red reminds a lost world under the condemnation of God that Christ shed his precious blood to redeem them from the thirteen stripes of sin. The six stripes bathed by the red are white, showing that by being washed in the blood of the lamb your sins shall be “white as snow.”


My design never changes in regards to my stripes. I have thirteen, no more, no less to proclaim that Christ declared on the cross “it is finished.” Salvation is complete through his blood sacrifice and not to be added to or taken away from.


While my stripes do not change there is one thing that does. In my upper left is a blue field, a picture of heaven. Inside the flag are currently 50 stars, but that number has not always been so. I once was thirteen, then fourteen followed by fifteen and so on until the current 50 for all sovereign US states. The states are sovereign; representing the soul liberty God has given each believer. However, the states are united under a single Constitution, while still maintaining their unique identities. This is a picture of how God’s people are to submit to their sole unifying Constitution, the Bible.


The stars are the only thing ever added to my field. We see in Daniel these are individual souls. My stars are added to show the white stripes they need to be sharing the message of Christ to add stars to the heavenly field.


God has decreed that God’s people are to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. In truth, I have done so and I ask will you follow me? In every place throughout the globe I fly. My colors are always flying somewhere as a never ending presentation of the glorious gospel. I have been left on the moon six times where I remain unfurled for those who look to the heavens for the truth. I have gone beyond the farthest reaches of man, out beyond the farthest planet in our solar system, praising the greatness of the gospel to worlds beyond on Voyager II.


I am proud to be an ambassador not just for America, but for our heavenly home in glory.


I am Old Glory for I represent the Ancient of Days.


I am the Stars and the Stripes for mankind can only get to heaven by the stripes of Calvary.


I am the Red, White and Blue because your must first go through the red of the blood, then you become white which gives you a home in the blue at the end of this life on earth.


I am the Star Spangled Banner because I represent the banner of the King of glory, before whom all in heaven and earth will one day bow.


As you see me posted from the highest poles to the smallest child waving me on a patriotic holiday, remember America radiates the gospel in all that she does. I am there always proclaiming the heavenly message. This is why they want to burn me as the message I convey convicts them of sin.


I am the gospel according to Old Glory. I stand for the Liberty that all may have in Christ. Do not be ashamed of me. Proudly stand for the Stars and the Stripes and the Savior I represent.

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  1. bob says:

    “I am more than a flag! I show the gospel of Jesus Christ for all the world to see.”

    Wow, where did this come from. So glad for the First Amendment.

    And the right to burn the flag.

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