Udall hiding donor money

Mark Udall has a reason for his single issue senatorial campaign. His purse strings are tied tightly to one of the country’s richest hypocrites, billionaire truth twister Tom Steyer.  Steyer is one of the most prolific fundraisers and financial backers of Barrack Obama and the Common Core school curriculum program. A program under which the New York Board of Regents last week voted to virtually eliminate the study of American History, Geography, and World (global) History in New York.

Udall is on record as voting for the Obama anti-oil policies. But what he would not want Colorado voters to know is that his big financial backer has made millions and millions of dollars by being invested in companies profiting from Obama’s anti-oil spending policies.  A Newsmax report last April stated, “Tom Stayer… is merely the man who wants to spend $100million on Democrats this year and who hates the Keystone pipeline.”

Udall expects to collect the usual support of union workers simply because he is a democrat. But the president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America called the Steyer backed delay of the Keystone pipeline “politics at it’s worst,” and “another low blow to the working men and women of our country.”

Steyer isn’t getting the press coverage of the Koch brothers. But his $50million for mid-term elections and his promise to add another $50million in matching funds from other donors makes him the guy with enough green clout to stop such a major infastructure project as Keystone and put his financial interests over national interests.

It is so sad that the mainstream Colorado press has completely ignored Udall’s financial connections to Common Core Curriculum funded by Steyer’s “Next Generation” organization and the terrible corruption of the green energy programs proving so profitable for Udall’s big backer.

Craig Masters

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