Will Gardner lose to Garbage Can voters?

Under the bullet-proof control of democrats in the Colorado legislature, a governor who has proven unable to make any tough decision, and a leftists panel of top judges, Colorado now has the designation of owning the title of Worst Vote Integrity in the nation. And that includes beating out some pretty tough competition from eastern states and big cities.  Many may have forgotten that in 2013, when Hickenlooper signed the new voting regulations into law, Colorado became the only state to eliminate polling places and have same-day registration without any ID required. Our state has so little respect for the vote that the law rammed through by the democrats and signed by Hickenlooper didn’t even provide for provisional ballots cast by ‘same-day’ registrations. Worse still is the fact that anyone can register a name online a few days before an election and no one will ever know if the voter even exist at all. No human-to-human contact is ever necessary now, thank you Hickenlooper.

Once a ballot is cast and mixed in the bins with others there is no way to separate that vote out after the person (or dog or cat…) is found to be ineligible. As we saw in Minnesota in the Al Franken victory, his margin of 312 was completely reversed by three times that amount of votes proven to be invalid. But Franken could not be removed from office nor was a new election required. The voters simply lost. Will that happen here in the Colorado senate race?

The winner of the Colorado senate seat may well decide which party controls the Senate. And without any vote integrity whatsoever, “harvesters” are busy collecting ballots. One report recently said the democrats had imported as many as 4000 paid harvesters from around the country to insure a Udall victory. It is not illegal for these paid political operatives to collect 10 ballots at a time and dump them in an unguarded drop box and then continue to gather more. Of course they can also register and vote.

Senate votes here in Colorado are only cast by mail. No one can possibly know who voted and the state reports 3.6 million ballots were mailed to addresses from registration rolls from as early as 2008. Many of the people who may have been legal voters at those old addresses have moved and could have been replaced by non-citizens.  Many of those addresses may even be unoccupied and the ballots are simply there for the taking. Most people don’t shred the mail they don’t want to read before throwing it in the nearest trash can. Thousands of ballots arriving with someone else’s name on them are quickly thrown away and become fair game for trash pickers to fill out and cast. Apartment house trash bins are virtual ‘ballot mines’ waiting to yield their valuable treasure.

Republican Scott Gessler, Colorado’s outgoing Secretary of State, and the Denver Post – not known as a conservative newspaper – agreed that the citizens of Colorado were victims of “two bad ideas”  which both open the door to voter fraud. In 2002 when the same-day issue was presented as a state issue, voters rejected it by a 60 percent margin. But when the democrats got power crazy and vindictive in 2013, they could not be stopped in destroying a system that wasn’t broken. El Paso County clerk Wayne Williams, said it this way, “(the 2013 law) takes us back to the corruption of 19th -century Tammany Hall”  when the democrat machine in New York City created a voting base of immigrants and controlled politics for decades.

Williams’ office has a YouTube video showing how easy it is to commit fraud in this election. And with pay-per-ballot rewards by leftist activists groups (Udall supporters?) it is reasonable to assume that while Cory Gardner will win the legitimate vote in Colorado, Udall may well be the senator in Washington.



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