Obama ridicules Christians for High Horse Attitude

Barack Obama’s education in Muslim schools seems to have been as distorted in favor of Islam as it was against Christianity. When he decided to tell Christian Americans to get off their “high horse” and understand that what the ISIS fighters are doing to Christians today is really no different than what Christians did to Muslims during the Crusades, he was clearly telling America his sympathy lies with the ISIS fighters. But his version of history is the lie of Islam, not the truth of Freedom.

Obama himself finally blew the smoke away from the mirrors he had so successfully hidden behind for so long. Although the disgraced network news readers have ignored or excused the President’s anti-Christian speech, his own press secretary has defended it by saying that the words Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast were carefully chosen.

Will this exposure allow just a few more Americans to see “their” leader is a traitor who – up until his “Christians on their high horse” speech – has diverted their attention while attacking America’s economy and undermining our freedoms, future and independence. An attack directed against us from inside our own protected walls of the White House.

How much more obvious can it become that the Obama presidency has been nothing short of an all out attack on The United States, Christianity, the Constitution, and Freedom. Islam demands no freedom. Sheria Law has no provisions for equality of women, no punishment for throwing homosexuals from rooftops or beheading children of infidels and the missionaries who dare to challenge the words of Muhammad.

In Obama’s defense, there is similarity between the events of the Crusades and the current Muslim attempt to conquer the world. The Crusades were organized by the civilized nations of the world to turn back the tide of violence against Christians in the Holy Land by Muslims. Christian nations went to war to establish peace in the Holy Land. But eventually the Muslims conquered the cities held by the Europeans and Christians were slaughtered. Today, Islam’s warriors are again attempting to convert, enslave or destroy every non-Muslim human being on earth. The sad difference, however, is that today the most powerful nation in the world is led by a Muslim sympathizer and Europe’s Christian community is in decline and hiding in hopes of avoiding attacks in their markets and homes by “terrorists.”

So what should Americans due about getting off our “high horse” and understanding the ISIS fighters? Perhaps it is time to lead an all out cavalry charge and turn back the barbarians at our gates. Should that charge start at the gates of the White House?

Craig Masters

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