Who’s the Terrorist Now?

The purpose of this article is to encourage support for Colorado Senate Bill SB 15-181. But the back story is a study in what we can expect in future America.

The Jane Norton campaign revisited.

It could be argued that former Lt. Governor Jane Norton did more to destroy the Colorado republican party and thus freedom in Colorado than any Muslim terrorism soldier could ever have done. Her vicious backhanded campaign attacks on then opponent Ken Buck in 2010 have continued to embolden anti-conservatives to this day. Opponents of the establishment in this state, including opponents of establishment republicans, know the potential for serious “legal” problems motivated by revenge by the insiders.

The idea that a government bureaucrat can write “laws” then send armed government agents to enforce those “laws” and take away citizens’ property and freedoms, then have the whole operation ruled “legal” by a government paid judge is – well, today’s America!

Remember the standoff at the Bundy ranch in Nevada when Americans came from across the country to face down the militia of the Bureau of Land Management. Today, Bundy’s cattle continue to graze on the open range. But in researching for a follow up article the unholy relationship between Harry Reid and an unbelievably brazen politically connected judge came to light. One article led to another and eventually back to Colorado and SB 15-181.

An article with a title something like ‘There’s corruption and there’s Las Vegas corruption! ,’ detailed how an unqualified judge, actually referred to as a moron by Las Vegas legal scholars, donated some $150,000 to Harry Reid and was obviously rewarded with an appointment to the federal bench. Too many of Harry’s judge’s rulings are so obviously political payback that even a high school civics student could overturn them. (My apologies for the weak reference: I tried to relocate the article but seem to have lost track of it – assuming it wasn’t removed from the internet. )

But Denver politics has often been almost as frightening as Las Vegas; which brings up the case of Jane Norton’s campaign attack ads of 2010. What was happening was that Norton was trying to sell voters the idea that then Weld County Prosecutor Ken Buck was weak on enforcing gun laws and putting “innocent” people at risk. Her pitch was based on a case against a Buck supporter, Greg Golyansky, who is currently the president of the Union of Colorado Taxpayers.

You can see her ad in a video posted on youtube  But the real story on that video is one of abuse of power and the greed of a judge who allowed his buddy to continue take the wealth and property of a citizen for years while the government dragged out a case it eventually dropped fearing prosecutorial abuse charges and career ending rulings.

Instead of giving up and dropping out or going ‘postal,’ Golyansky is working for a better America. The Union of Colorado Taxpayers has worked hard to promote a bill in the current Colorado Senate (SB 15-181) which will do just a little tiny bit to reduce the opportunity for judges and their friends from profiteering by abusing the well-intended law governing receivership. The bill is so clear in its intent, that is reported that just minutes after it was introduced on the the senate floor the judge in the Golyansky case must have run to his chambers and ordered his appointed receiver to come up with an accounting for the years they had been involved in the case. I bet that will be as accurate as a Saturday Night Live newscast.

As more and more corrupt politicized judges grab seats behind the benches of America’s courts, the nation will have more and more disdain for the law. Look no further than recent protests declaring that “justice” must be based on emotion rather than facts when alleged racism is involved. Or, simply review the life and times of Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder…

Senate Bill 15-181 won’t stop all corruption and won’t restore the confidence in the political establishment by conservatives. But it is a step in the right direction and will possibly save you or your family from being victims of a law too easily misused for personal gain or profit.

Craig Masters

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