An Entertaining Guide to Gun Control

Colorado lawmakers are again debating gun control. Although the U.S. Constitution clearly and specifically denies the government from infringing on the “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” it has become politically popular to write laws forbidding we the people from protecting ourselves. Ironically, as the threat of random acts of “workplace violence” increases, big government socialists in support of the coming state of totalitarianism are again working to ensure citizens won’t be able to repeat the revolt against tyranny that gave rise to freedom in America in the first place.

If you try to look at what the left is doing these days to erase the Bill of Rights, your vision will be distracted by the mainstream media coverage of the vaccine debate. Consider the television ads featuring the face of Colorado gun control herself, Diana DeGette. Speaking out to encourage vaccines is a clever way to try to get some “positive” attention for this Denver democrat who disgraced herself by publicly illustrating her ignorance about firearms while leading the legislative effort to infringe on the people’s Second Amendment rights.

DeGette’s federal efforts notwithstanding, the Colorado legislature is currently debating gun control here at the the state level. There will be the usual emotional pleas from victims of mass attacks claiming that banning guns will save lives. But of course these witnesses refuse to accept the reality that most – if not all – of the victims they claim to speak for could possibly have been saved by an armed citizen ready and able to confront the attacker. Don’t even get started referencing that springboard event in Aurora. There were weapons trained people in that theater. We know the shooter drove past theaters where he could not have been so confident the audience was unarmed. The reality is that if there had been armed citizens to stand against the shooter that evening, some, if not most, of those victims might have been saved. Moreover, the shooter would possibly have been killed early on in his attack and saved not only innocent people but millions of precious taxpayer dollars as the trial crawls excruciatingly slowly across the stage of the circus-like theater of the court.

But the title of this piece promised some entertainment and a viewer’s guide to the gun control debate. So to prepare to watch the video clips sure to be on the news and quotes which will certainly be carefully chosen to be published in the media, we can refresh our understanding of some terminology.

  • Assault weapon: a fictitious term invented circa 1989 by politicians campaigning for federal gun control.
  • Assault rifle: an actual term used by the military to reference a weapon that allows the user to “select” how he wants to fire the weapon which has more power than most target rifles but less power than a machine gun.
  • AR-15: a long rifle developed by the ArmaLite Company. The AR stands for “ArmaLite Rifle” not any of the incorrect popular names like “automatic rifle” or “assualt rifle.”
  • Clip: a typically disposable device that holds cartridges in an organized manner making it easier to load the weapon; often used to load a magazine.
  • Magazine: the reloadable device that holds cartridges and is capable of feeding them into the firing chamber of the weapon.
  • Diana DeGette: the democrat representative who spent two terms in congress leading the effort to create gun control without ever bothering to learn that a clip loads a magazine, a magazine loads a weapon and there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.”

Craig Masters

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