Censorship and Ammo 1 – 2 punch from “Regulations”

The 2 republicans on the 5 member FCC couldn’t get a single Obama supporting democrat to stand with them against the tearing down of the first amendment. And while the public’s attention has been directed to watch the idiotic amnesty funding debate in congress, Obama has issued another executive order to the bureaucracy of the department of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives to write the “framework” for a new “regulation” for the department to use to determine which styles of ammunition to ban.

Initially in the news about this new ammunition ban is the upcoming ban on one of the most popular cartridges in the country, the cartridge for the AR-15 rifle. But make no mistake, the “framework” could allow federal bureaucrats to ban almost every cartridge larger than a .22caliber by claiming to exempt other projectiles so long as they can only fit into a “single shot” handgun. What that means is that if a cartridge can be used in a handgun (no definition specified) that can hold more than one cartridge at a time, that size/style of ammunition can be banned from sale. The ‘Judge’ hold .410 shot shells ? Humm.

If that sounds like almost any cartridge over 40 grains, you are probably not wrong.

The bottom line today, February 26, 2015, and a day that will someday be a footnote in history, is that both the 1st and 2nd amendments have been assaulted on multiple fronts by the Obama administration while the separation of powers clause of the Constitution is being shredded by democrats in the congress.

God Bless America. I better get that written and posted before the FCC bans “God” from the internet unless Mohammad is also mentioned.

Craig Masters

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