Watch out for that Bus

Benghazi begins Collapse around Hillary

In the Gazette article detailing the damning emails virtually proving Hillary Clinton and the administration lied repeatedly to the press, the American people, and to Congress about the events in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, there was a prediction. The article predicted the liberals in the media and dishonest employees of the administration would pile on to explain away the truth exposed by the facts found in official records.

But there is a problem with the first round of attempts to defend Hillary. The initial attempt to claim she didn’t know what the official emails contained because she used “personal” email for communications with her staff is almost as big a problem as the lies in the first place. It is against the law for her to have used “personal” email to conduct the business of government; which clearly includes communications from her key staff and our embassy in Libya.

So now she faces the truth about the death of Ambassador Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi, the truth about her lies to Congress, the truth about her role in the lies by Susan Rice to the United Nations and the press, and her own admission of criminal activities of using her “personal” email illegally.

This is fun. Stay tuned to find out who gets “thrown under the bus.” Somebody has to take the blame for Hillary and Obama in this legal mess and the Clinton’s have a history of having professional relations with people who suddenly die. And lets not forget the suspicious executions of 3 of Obama’s fellow club members in Chicago.

Craig Masters

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