Who will Rescue America

Whether you watch ” Zombies,” deadmen walking, or old reruns of the “Lone Ranger,” you know the story. All starts out well enough. Then the tension builds and the villains gain the upper hand. But just as it looks as though there is no hope, someone steps up against the odds and defeats evil.

In a particularly memorable episode of the Lone Ranger a preacher is robbed of money needed to build a church by henchmen led by the local newspaper editor. The editor feared the church would unite the citizens and together they would stand against the lawlessness overcoming their town. Once the editor and his henchmen are defeated, with the help of a talking parrot, the Lone Ranger implores the preacher to write one last editorial before the “crooked” newspaper is shut down permanently.

The final scene includes a great line about freedom of the press being just as important as freedom of religion. At the moment, in the United States, we seem to be losing both at at an alarming rate.

Twice the United States spent lives and fortunes to save European nations from the aggression of evil leaders who had somehow rose to power. But in the decades since we ended “the war to end all wars” with the life saving, war ending power of the atomic bomb, we have refused to win any conflict. We have been unable to assimilate the will to defeat evil. Instead of being willing to commit to a conflict with a focus on victory, instead of being willing to use our power to rapidly stop the loss of life and totally defeat those who would destroy our way of life, we have been willing to accept compromise after compromise until we now face enemies who have clearly gained the upper hand against our desired way of life.

This week, we saw a hero stand before all of the intelligent members of Congress and make no excuses about his country’s will to survive and preserve its way of live.

Obama and his henchmen seem to have gained the upper hand against freedom and liberty for the moment. Those who control the newspapers and have defunded the churches by attacking those who would dare to contribute. Those who control the government are trying their best to force us to “drop our guns.” But we may have hope that tiny little Israel will come to our rescue. Prime Minister Netanyahu ended his speech with the affirmation that even if Israel has to fight and die alone, the people of Israel have the will to stand and fight to defeat the evil that Obama and his followers seem to respect so much.

Craig Masters

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