Who Else is reading Your Emails

Who is reading your email? That’s the opening question of a recent Jared Polis email. The poorly disguised solicitation for contributions then continues to suggest that he is concerned about the private communications of Americans being subject to warrant-less searches by government agents. But the truth as evidenced by his actions is exactly the opposite of his words.

Let me take just a moment and thank God for giving me strength to write a public article in opposition to the  kind of government-backed power and pure evil that Jared Polis represents. Let us not forget that when government fears the people there is liberty and freedom and when people fear the government there is tyranny. I do fear the government these years and it sometimes make me shake inside when submitting critical opinions.

Greeley and most of Weld County is not within the second congressional district so many of the readers of this site would not be familiar with Polis. His resume is very short. He represents the Obama party in congress. He occupies the seat assigned to the 2nd Congressional district, and his 99% vote record supporting every action of Obama proves he really doesn’t represent anyone except Obama and liberalism and the destruction of the Constitutional ideology that America is a nation of laws, not men.

Polis has repeatedly voted against any effort by congress to regain control of their duty to be the representatives of the people and slow the destruction of the Constitution. He is a disgrace to the concept of freedom and the belief expressed by Abraham Lincoln that, “this nation, under God,”shall have a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

It seems, however, that for the future the United States will be ruled by peole like Polis and Obama and unelected judges appointed for their political opinions and protected by a misplaced respect for the position instead of the law. Judges are dangerous threats to our security and freedom when they believe they are allowed to overrule the people or re-write law which is not their belief. But the laws as approved by the people are part of the constitutional process by which the people are supposed to control the government – not the other way around. If you doubt that, try not buying into Obamacare health insurance or don’t sign up for medicare – you will learn you will be punished for having the idea that you are actually allowed to take care of yourself.

What else needs to be said?

Craig Masters

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