Nation’s Crime Wave finds Comfort in Colorado

According to the news, Colorado has become a leading center of identity theft. The impact of the sanctuary policies of Denver democrats is spreading across Colorado. Like a cancer that spreads from a single diseased cell, illegals and dopeheads are fleeing into Colorado; encouraged by the welcoming policies of democrat legislators and the famous issue-sidestepping dance of John Hickenlooper.

While Democrats across the nation circle their protective wagons around the lawlessness of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, their co-conspirators in Denver continue their efforts to strip law abiding citizens of Second Amendment Rights. Meanwhile convicted felons and other illegals are welcomed into Colorado with wide-open arms.

Law abiding citizens who have passed a background check, taken professionally conducted instruction and volunteered to have their finger prints recorded with law enforcement are begrudgingly granted the “privilege” of carrying a concealed firearm in this state. But anyone who illegally enters the state can buy dope, get a driver’s license, receive free food, housing, health care and be granted a myriad of other special privileges up to and including taxpayer subsidized tuition in state universities.

Law abiding citizens are penalized for not signing up to receive charity health care benefits their neighbors have to pay for, but illegal aliens are given a slap on the wrist for drunk driving, while not being punished for voting to help elect the politicians who forced such laws upon us. Worse still, those convicted of felonies for dealing in illegal drugs, even those who have served extended prison sentences in other states for being drug dealers, are welcome to come to Colorado to resume their use of recreational dope.

Respect for the law has been declining for a long time. When people see how easily politicians like Hillary Clinton get away with serious crimes, they begin to ask themselves why anyone should have to obey a law they don’t particularly like? We all understand that justice has become a political term which does not really apply to the political class. Every time a judge rules against the people in favor of some malcontent cause or forces the wishes of one person onto everyone else, a little more respect for the law is lost again. As goes the rule of law, so goes America.

Craig Masters

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