WH Treason petition – too late for Kennedy

How Funny can Holder Be

The blackest kettle in the nation calling a pot black! Actually, after releasing his moronic condemnation of the police department of Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Holder called the shooter who ambushed two non-Ferguson officers, “disgusting” and a “punk.” Unbelievable!

So what is the answer?

The question is, why were these protests happening in the first place.? The police chief was the 6th official to resign; including a judge, the innocent officer who just did his duty, even a court clerk. A court clerk! There seems to be only one possible solution to the discontent in Ferguson: a French “no entry zone.” This would be like the Muslim reservations in France where the regular law enforcement officers allow Sheria and allow the Muslims to virtually govern themselves. Ferguson could become a model city run by black administrators, a black police chief, and blacks as department heads. We could call it a Sanctuary City. Oh wait we already have those!

How ’bout that Senate Historian?

Led by Senator Tom Cotton (R, Ark) 47 great Americans – all republican senators – wrote an open-to-the-public letter intended for the leaders of Iran. In the days since, democrats willing to erase the Constitution and allow Barrack Hussein Obama to rule as some sort of monarch have formed a parade between the capitol and the nearest television cameras to call the great and brave senators every name they can find. But the real kicker is the official word by the Office of the Senate Historian which claimed there was no precedent for such a letter.

That comment is as much an indictment of the education of those “historians” as it is dishonest. But of course to find anything you have to open your eyes and look around. The infamous negotiations which took place back in 1983 between Ted Kennedy (D, Mass) and Yuri Andropov, the communist leader of the Soviet Union, do in fact constitute “negotiations” with a foreign nation. According to the petition on the White House web site posted by an annonymous C.H., Kennedy should have been prosecuted for treason under the 1779 Logan Act. Kennedy’s letter was exposed back in 1991 when a KGB memorandum was discovered by Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times.

The extent of the Kennedy arrangement with the Soviets included a visit by the senator to help Andropov understand the weaknesses of Ronald Reagan as the two countries negotiated over nuclear arms. The Kennedy letter the senate historians couldn’t find is easily available through Forbes, the London Times, and the newsbusters website.

In defense of the senate historian’s office, it could be debated that since the great American Senators who sent an open letter to inform Iranian leaders about the Constitutional process involved when the United States enters into a binding agreement or treaty, the secret personal negotiations between Kennedy thru the KGB and the Soviets on behalf of the democrat party were really not the same.

Kennedy’s message was simple. He proposed an unabashed quid pro quo. Kennedy would lend Andropov a hand in dealing with President Reagan. In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.

I wonder if the C.H. on the WH petition stands for Chuckles Holder?


CM aka Craig Masters


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