A timely reminder about Hillary Clinton’s “honesty”

The single democratic party candidate currently running for nomination for President has been described as a liar by more than a few major journalists. But with a long history of contempt for truth, Hillary Clinton has become one of the most accomplished prevaricators in American history. Recent events such as her disgusting effort to erase the events in Benghazi notwithstanding, here is a brief list of events in which this woman has so far skirted very close to prison gates.

In the interest of being brief, the time line begins as the evidence began to surface that the Clintons and McDougals had engaged in dishonest practices involving their Whitewater Development Corporation. Whitewater was a 220 acre land tract in Arkansas the McDougals and Clintons had purchased using about $220,000 in borrowed funds. McDougal later acquied Madison Savings and Loan which became a sort of money tree for the Clintons until bank investigators closed in on illegal practices. Both Jim McDougal and his wife Susan were eventually sentenced to prison for crimes related to their partnership activities with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Witnesses from the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary worked,  report Hillary Clinton requested the destruction of land contract files involving Madison Savings and Loan. Madison was under investigation by federal regulators for “improper practices” including “improper” withdrawing (stealing) of depositors funds to pay off campaign debts for Bill Clinton. Madison S & L is owned by the Clinton’s financial partner James McDougal.

As federal investigators gather details, Hillary request McDougal give her Power of Attorney to sell off Whitewater lots to clear up Madison’s obligations. The following year Madison S & L collapses (goes bankrupt) and the federal government shuts it down; in the process taxpayers are forced to spend $60 million to bail it out of debt.


The Federal Resolution Trust Corporation, investigating the causes of the Madison S & L failure, send a referral to the U.S. Department of Justice naming the Clintons as “potential beneficiaries” of the illegal activities of Madison S & L.


Before an FBI investigation into the probable illegal hiring of Clinton’s friends for White House positions is concluded, Deputy WH Counsel Vincent Foster files three years of delinquent tax returns for the Clinton’s Whitewater Development Corporation. Shortly afterward Foster is found dead. White House employees gain access to his office and federal investigators determine files were either removed or destroyed before they could secure the office. It is also about this time that hundreds of FBI records are “illegally” secured by WH Director of Personnel Security Craig Livingstone. Those records went missing for many months and were later discovered to be illegally in the possession of Hillary Clinton. Lawsuits surrounding these files continued to 2010 and beyond. No one except perhaps Hillary and possible victims of some sort of extortion know which copies of those files are still in use to this day. Craig Livingstone eventually took the fall for the files being obtained.


After years of investigations Clintons’ partners, the McDougals, along with the Arkansas governor Jim Guy Tucker are convicted of multiple fraud and conspiracy charges involving Whitewater Development Corporation and Madison S & L. Tucker resigns as governor.

The Clintons (the White House) finally confess to having stolen FBI files (“wrongfully collected”) on the backgrounds of leading political adversaries.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation inspector general reports that Hillary Clinton had created a false real estate evaluation document that Madison Savings and Loan later used to “deceive” federal regulators.


Bill Clinton is found in contempt of court for “intentionally false” testimony in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Clinton is fined $90,000 and the case was referred to the Arkansas Supreme Court for review of Clinton’s law license in Arkansas. The court suspended Clinton’s license for 5 years and fined him $25,000. Finally, in November of 2001 Clinton opted to surrender his license rather than face additional penalties related to disbarment.


Surrendering a law license is a practice used to avoid disbarment and the public release of information which resulted in the action being brought before the bar and the courts. It is just another mystery that both of the Obamas have previously surrendered their law licenses without having to reveal why. Considering the effort necessary to obtain a Harvard Law School degree, whatever it was they didn’t want public must have been more valuable than their law licenses. That may be an interesting story for another day.

Craig Masters

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