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Why did Barack and Michelle Obama both surrender their law licenses?

Much like the saga of Hillary Clinton’s testimony and her refusal to “swear” to tell the truth to congress, it is confusing, it is disgusting, but most of all it is frightening to try to understand what happened to morality in America. I am referring to the acceptance of the practice of breaking down sentences into individual words in order to reconstitute the meaning of statements to confuse and distract. For example; a statement such as “no public record exist…” can be explained to say that some accusation is not true because there is no “public” record to prove the accusation. “Public” is the qualifier word that excuses the user from being brought to justice in a court of law. Sadly, “justice” no longer has much to do with outcome in today’s “public” courts. And what if the record is not allowed to be made public, such as in the secret courts created to deal with matters of homeland security in which even the judges are not permitted paper and pen for notes about anything taking place in these courts?

Some twenty years ago Florida lawmakers and banking regulators were faced with a growing trend of bank employees repeatedly stealing from banks where they worked. This is white-collar crime in which so-called revolving doors were allowing criminals to get away with enough money to fill a lot of buckets. Unlike an armed robbery where the criminals seldom get away with more than a few thousand dollars and usually get caught in just a few hours, the white-collar heists are often big dollars and embarrassing for a bank. It was accepted that if the public learned of these kinds of insider thefts it was thought the confidence in the bank would be severely damaged. It was common practice to allow the suspected employee to resign and since there was no court action, his employment record would not mention he was suspected of theft. No “public” record; and the “innocent” employee keeps most if not all the money!

Only five years after graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle Obama had become the executive director of a taxpayer funded organization then called Public Allies. The organization paid people to organize and direct community-based protests of almost any aspect of personal responsibility, capitalism, and especially the United States armed forces. Among the benefits these community organizers received was taxpayer funded health and child care. Not too unlike what we now call Obamacare and Michelle’s school lunches.

Falsifying claims to receive public assistance for health care and child care are activities investigated as insurance fraud. At the organization level it is a big white-collar crime. When investigators are getting close to filing criminal charges against a taxpayer funded organization such as Public Allies, it is not be unusual for “deals” to be arranged for changes in the operation and senior staff in order to avoid the negative publicity of a public trial. This is the widely understood situation to have occurred in 1993 involving Michelle Obama and Public Allies. This was the year Michelle submitted her paperwork to voluntarily surrender her license to practice law.

Since any sort of face-saving deal and a voluntary surrender of a license would not be considered cause for hearings by the disciplinary arm of the Illinois bar, no investigation ever took place. Officially, Michelle Obama simply decided not to continue holding on to the license she had spent many years and much fortune earning from Harvard.

Did a crime get committed? If you accept the logic of popular “fact” checking websites, no public record equals no crime. Nothing to see here.

As for Barack’s choosing to retire his law license in 2008, it seems the background checks of the press during his presidential campaign became the probable key factor here. It was discovered that he had listed on his application for a license that he was a “constitutional law professor.” This was proven to be a false statement. In fact, he was only a part-time staff lecturer. But the ongoing vetting was building pressure as the election grew closer and Obama decided to voluntarily surrender his license and retire.

Is there a public record of any official investigation by the disciplinary arm of the Illinois bar? No. Did he in fact make a false statement on his application? Yes.

Did the public give a darn in either case? Most choose to accept the “facts” as reflected by “public” records. Will the truth ever be known? Certainly, right after we learn all the truth about Vince Foster, Whitewater, Benghazi, and the names of the aliens captured at Area 51.

Craig Masters


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