Greeley is Vulnerable

Will Greeley once again be the epicenter of terrorist activities? Those who read the Northern Colorado Gazette are aware of the history connecting Al Queda Islamic terrorism to Greeley and Weld County. Now northern Colorado faces a new threat. According to the FBI, law enforcement agencies in northern Colorado have been warned that “Arab” men are suspected of contacting family members of the American armed forces.

Why would “Arab” men be openly confronting the families of our service men and women? To intimidate them perhaps? Maybe they are simply compiling a database of where these people live or shop or work? Why is Weld County so vulnerable?

Under the sympathetic Obama administration, manuals and directives of our domestic security agencies have been rewritten to purge terms that identify terrorists as who or what they are. So it is that this most recent warning simply refers to these men now known to be intimidating and perhaps terrorizing our neighbors as possibly “Arab” looking. And even more intriguing is the fact that families contacted about these intimidating activities were instructed to keep the information secret. Why? Wouldn’t we all be safer if we were all looking out for our neighbors?

Emails of public record now connect Hillary Clinton to the weapons that were used in the attack and murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya. Other emails she openly transmitted in violation of the law have been shown to contain the location of the ambassador as well as such critical strategic information as the approach patterns of French aircraft and no-fly zones over Libya. This information would certainly have made enemy force movement more easily undetected. Was Ambassador Stevens about to release information connecting Clinton and Obama to arms sales to forces who have now been shown to be enemies of the United States? Is that why he was killed? Is that why she has worked so hard to destroy emails illegally sent and received on open server systems?

Which brings up the final question today. Isn’t it just too much of a coincidence that Hillary suddenly shows up in Denver pretending to be campaigning at the same time the FBI has found that a Denver area company may have a thumb drive with many of the emails she thought she had destroyed?  Who got to that thumb drive first, the FBI or Clinton operatives?

Given representative Buck’s recent education into how one must be punished for not “going along to get along” in Washington politics, Weld County should probably brace ourselves for some serious federal bureaucratic attacks; including more legally admitted Muslims (a.k.a. “Arab” looking men) with federal benefit cards in hand and those very valuable “go-to-the-front-of-the-line” transportable section 8 housing passes.

Craig Masters

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