I’ m from EPA and I’m here to help Colorado

In the footsteps of the great poitical satirists of our time, the next great comedian will undoubtedly bring audiences to their feet with applause for the use of the phrase,” EPA Expertise. ”

The reality is that IF an engineer or a scientist was really an expert in any field, they would be able to find a real job doing real work and earning their way through life without feeding at the public trough. Bureaucrats in the alphabet agencies have been told by politicians on the dole that they can go anywhere and tell everyone how to do anything – so long as the money keeps flowing.

Weld County oil men know all too well the famed expertise of the DOE. Does anyone out there think for one minute that anybody on the DOE payroll could drill an oil well with enough success to produce enough oil to be of any use to the public. Perhaps you would be interested in a coal mine I own near Key West. If there was one single oil well expert working inside one of the government’s bureaus/agencies, how is it that the feds did absolutely everything wrong (and illegal for the private sector) in their effort to prove “scientifically” that fracking caused water faucets to explode: ie the infamous faked video that inspired anti-fracking demonstrations across the country.

Now we are supposed to watch as EPA chief Gina McCarthy says the agency will use the full “expertise” of the same government agency whose “experts” didn’t have the sense to find out what was on the other side of an earthen dam before they blew it up with dynamite. But we shouldn’t worry, she says the agency will take full responsibility for the release of the millions of gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River. Who the hell else should take responsibility?

But get this: McCarthy also assured us the river was “restoring itself!” Well if it was the case that nature could restore itself after such an environmental disaster as this, why do we need the EPA in the first place?

There is one expert in our midst. It’s the guy who cleaned Hillary’s server – completely blanked that thing out! And as I feared in a recent piece, the FBI must not have gotten to the thumb drive before Hillary! There really are people who are beyond the reach of the law – when the law is no longer “for the people.”

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