Transforming continues

The government continues to say we are in an economic recovery. China has devalued its currency. Home foreclosures are up over last year. J Street, the hate group and anti-Jewish organization calling itself pro-Israel receives major funding from George Soros to advertise Obama’s nuclear (bomb) deal as good for Israel. By the way, the president of J Street’s college organization is a Muslim. Hillary Clinton is cooperating fully with the the law… … … (pardon me, my fingers protested after that last comment)

The EPA is going to clean up – well, pretty much everything. Climate change happens every single day, but don’t worry, Obama says the government can prevent it before it is too late to reverse its effects. I hope his plan doesn’t include shredding dollar bills and burning them for energy. Hillary wonders how wiping her server with one of those dust free cloths could have erased any emails.

A couple of women get into a fight in a Walmart and the town mayor blames Walmart? Meanwhile the kindergartner being encouraged to kick one of the women in the head is a straight A student: so says his brawling mother. Maybe the school needs more of the mayor’s attention than Walmart.

The IRS has been hacked. Millions and millions of refund dollars were given to thieves. Banks have been hacked. Stealing credit identities is a billion dollar industry these days. Government personnel records are available on hacker sites. Investors using hackers have been cheating the stock market for months. Oh, don’t worry, e-voting is safe.

Yet in all this darkness there is a spark of hope. Hillary’s campaign rally drew 300, Donald Trump’s drew 30,000!

About China devaluing its currency. That is a really big deal. You probably didn’t hear much about it on the liberal news channels. When combined with the treasonous act of “fast tracking” the Obama Pacific Sell Out Treaty ( that super secret trade agreement Cory Gardner voted to support then apologized when he realized how many jobs would be lost by Coloradans) this event could signal the beginning of the end for the US dollar as the world’s standard currency. I could explain some of the impacts it will have on each of us here in the U.S., but I would need several more column inches and even I would get bored trying to proof read it. So we will all have to watch together as America’s transformation continues.

Craig Masters

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