Republican Royals plot to limit voter choices

Although they said the right words, when republicans all across the country were elected or re-elected to stop Obama and rampant deterioration of freedom, liberty, and law and order, republican royalty simply spit on the voters’ ballots and funded even more socialist programs – including the unconstitutional activities of Obama and his Justice department.

It is painfully obvious that liberals have learned to label themselves “Republican” to get elected. The Republican party, once the party that represented conservative views about limited government and freedom, now has a professional class of leaders who put their own power interests above the ideals of what was once a great American political party.

If the royal republicans from a national PAC had not interfered with the Colorado gubernatorial primary we would most likely not be suffering through a second Hickenlooper term.

A state primary should be the opportunity for the people to have their choices without being censored or manipulated by the elitists and ‘royals’ of the party. But republican professionals are so worried about losing their power at state and national levels they are obsessed with destroying the campaign of Donald Trump. Two state organizations have already begun to create “rules” about who can participate in “their” state primaries in order to force Trump into playing by “their” rules.

The party ‘leaders’ in Virginia and North Carolina have reportedly said they are considering state-level party rules requiring any candidate who wants to be on “their” ballot to sign a pledge to at least not interfere with whoever wins their party nomination. What they really want to say and certainly what they mean is that if Donald Trump wants to be listed on the republican primary ballot in “their” states, he has to promise not to run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t become the republican nominee. This is a clear and clumsy effort by republican royalty to regain control of the voters without having to have their candidate choices honor their own campaign promises.

After the national republican PAC and its insiders spent big money to interfere in Colorado’s republican primary before the last gubernatorial election the republican party would have – by law – been downgraded to a marginal party status (under 10% of vote) and would have had to gain state-wide ballot access by petition. Of course the establishment in the legislature simply wrote a waiver and another law became another victim of elitist politicians.

Craig Masters

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