Senator Bennett challenged to Debate

Northern Colorado has only a small population of Jews. And they have almost no media access on a regular basis. We have a much larger population of Muslims, and they are more often represented in the media pages than the Jews. Somewhere in between is a population almost completely kept silent and blanked out of the media pages here. These are the veterans and families of veterans who have experienced first hand the war Islam and Iran have financed for Islamic soldiers fighting against America and the very idea of freedom. They fight under the banners, “Death to America,” “Pigs in a Blanket,” and others.

As of this day. Colorado’s senator, Bennett, a loyal supporter of Barack Obama, has not publicly admitted how he will vote on the agreement to further increase America’s devastating trillions of dollars of debt by borrowing billions more and giving that money to Iran for nuclear proliferation.

I have little doubt that Bennett will continue to support the Obama agenda to transform the United States away from a nation governed by the Constitution into a nation divided whose population is forced to either follow Sheria or be enslaved to those who do. Is there really any other way to understand the ACTIONS of Obama and Bennett and the others in the adminstration?

Maybe there is something I don’t understand. But as usual there is a lot of difference between the text (which becomes the law to be selectively enforced) and the “truth” as reported in the Obama Media.

I am therefore today challenging Senator Bennett to debate the “Iran Agreement” on the pages of this newspaper.

The rules of this debate are very simple for everyone to understand. Senator Bennett can have all the help he wants. His staff, the President, the Ayatollah, some Isis leader – anyone he wants. And he can take a reasonable amount of time he and his collaborators need to prepare an answer for any question we publish. I will leave it to you the readers to decide how much time is reasonable. When you reach the end of your patience, demand an answer.

Each answer must be limited to 1500 words and each rebuttal will be limited to 500 words. I will do no editing so that readers will know exactly what the senator’s responces are. Quatations from the text of the “Agreement” used to directly support the position of the answer will not be counted against the word limit.

I and I alone will submit answers to the same questions as the senator. I have no staff and will not collaborate in composing my position statements. I will also be subject to the same word limits as the senator and his staff. However, I will commit to submit my positions and rebuttals within one week of each of the senator’s remarks.

Let us all now wait for Senator Bennett to come forward and agree to tell those who he claims he represents how or why he justifies his position – whatever that may be – on the “Agreement” between Obama and Iran.

Craig Masters

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