Cutting trees for public health and safety.

A bear bones commentary on life in the wild.

Byline: S.T. Bear

Why did the Evergreen man who shot two bear cubs to death recently live in Evergreen in the first place? Why shouldn’t he have been restricted to living in a building in downtown Denver? Some would argue he should never have been living in a forest setting neighborhood like Evergreen in the first place. Others would argue he certainly had the right to “protect his dog” and kill the cubs. But others counter, why didn’t he have control of his dog? Why wasn’t the dog on a leash? These are all good points. But they really don’t address the root of the problem: trees.

This is the United States dag namit! People should have the right to be as stupid as they want to be. If a city slicker can afford those toll lane commutes then he has the right to move far away from the maddening crowds. He pays a lot of taxes to live away from the city. The bears should not be allowed to invade his space and endanger him or his dog or whoever he wants to invite out from the city for a visit.

Bears have been sighted in several urban locations recently. Schools have had to be placed on lock down. People have to be safe. Killing all the bears – like we did those terrible bison when they got in the way of the railroads – seems unlikely. A plan like that would cost a lot more than it would reap.

But there is a better plan. A plan that would actually be profitable and create safe zones around all the neighborhoods and homes where people who want to live far away from the crowded cities can live without the fear of bear cubs impacting their remote home sites. We have to harvest all the trees. We have to clear away all of the potential habitat of the bears. No trees – no bears. We can use the wood for all kinds of purposes from more paper for recording more covenants and by-laws, to homes and lawn furniture which would no longer be at risk of being damaged by invading bears.

Everybody would be safer. Domestic animals would be safer. There would be no forest fires threatening homes. The cost of eradicating beetles would be eliminated. Stress would be reduced so healthcare costs would be reduced – stress increases belly fat, belly fat causes health problems… To save the bears, and be safer and healthier, we need to cut the trees; all of them.

Craig Masters

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