Washington has reason to Celebrate 9-11

After logging on to post a new article, my attention was drawn to the television news. The picture was of a large, rather formal, formation of people standing in two very divided groups behind Barack and Michelle Obama. The news voice explained the picture was of the “celebration” on the White House lawn.

I thought I was going to to be sick! But then the reality of the news person’s words rang true. If any two people in the United States would have reason to “celebrate” the great victory of the Islamic state in their attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001, it would certainly be the Obamas and the Washington political class.

“Celebration” is certainly the right word to describe this event on the White House lawn. A man who was able to capitalize on the greed for power and money by a congress already emboldened by years of rapidly expanding central government and a woman who dedicated her life to organize groups dedicated to protesting and weakening the U.S. armed forces. A man who has successfully transformed America to a nation where the political class are not subject to the same laws as the people who pay the costs. A woman who gladly admitted she was never proud of America until she and her husband were chosen to lead the total transformation.

Obama would never have been successful without the help of those in positions of political power who put their interests above the rule of law and the Constitution.

These people certainly have something to celebrate. They have successfully destroyed the Constitution. They have erased the concept of representative government, they have transferred all responsibility of governing to the president. Obama has even been successful at ignoring the rulings of the Supreme Court when it suited his agenda of expanding socialism and erasing freedoms.

It is true that the battle on 9-11 was fought by only a few warriors under the battle cry of Islam. But it grew from a small victory in a few isolated locations to become a major victory over the United States as well as the rest of the free world. Freedom, as Americans had known it, was killed that day along with those thousands of Americans.

Yes, that news reader was right, Obama and the political class behind him there on the lawn of the “people’s house” certainly have reason to celebrate.

Craig Masters

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