The gun numbers don’t add up

Eric Holder once referred to himself as Obama’s wingman. Considering that Holder’s role as Attorney General is to head the Department of Justice, it is clear that if the head of the department charged with protecting justice is admittedly someone’s “wingman” it is unreasonable to expect justice to be applied equally.

Michael Mukasey was U.S. Attorney General until Obama took office and immediately appointed Eric Holder. During a July 2015 speech before a Hillsdale College cruise audience, Mukasey outlined some of the grizzly results of the Obama/Holder takeover of the Justice Department. Among those results is the grim forecast that once the current administration of appointed leftist lawyers is replaced with less agenda driven professionals, the Obama/Holder leftists will simply drop into civil service careers where they will be virtually impossible to expunge. As Mukasey explains, it will take a generation of effort to cleanse the leftist ideology driven people and practices from the justice department – if it can ever be done.

One of the transformations implemented by the justice department is the federal take-over of state and local law enforcement agencies. Through the back door of out of court settlements to “civil liberties” lawsuits brought against local police departments by the “citizen army” of the Obama/Holder administration, the federal government has quietly taken control of several major police departments. Rather than bankrupt local communities fighting accusations of civil rights violations against the federally funded army of DOJ lawyers, these federal attacks are settled when the communities agree to accept court appointed “monitors” to oversee local law enforcement and more. It is not by chance that any disturbance or conflict between police and citizens draws the immediate attention of Obama and his wingman.

However, the record of these unelected unaccountable monitors is a tribute to the expression; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If “hell” is a metaphor for a decline in lifestyle and increase in hardships, then the metaphor has been validated by Obama and Holder as they claim they are only trying to protect civil rights in these lawsuits and the subsequent settlements. In every single case since 2009 where Obama’s court appointed monitors have been overseeing local police departments, crime rates have risen. When police are looking over their own shoulders the results are predictable. Shootings, as well as every measure of quality-of-life crimes, are on the rise in New York where leftists’ good intentions are legislated to the extreme. Since Seattle’s police department was placed under the watchful eye of a highly touted monitor, Merrick Bobb, homicides are up 25%, car thefts are up 44%, aggravated assaults up 14% and on and on across the board. Closer to home here in northern Colorado, Denver is no exception to this pattern.

An exceptional case offered to the media as proof that Obama/Holder are looking out for everyone is the federal take-a-way of the local ballot control in Kinston, North Carolina. Kinston is a mostly black community which voted overwhelmingly to remove partisan identification of candidates for city offices. But the Obama/Holder DoJ stepped in under a questionable application of the Voting Rights Act and reversed the citizens’ decision. Obama’s citizen army argued that removing the party label might deprive the black voters of voting for black candidates – i.e., removing the label “Democrat” would handicap black voters. As Holder’s predecessor explained it, “ In other words, the Justice Department was arguing that the black voters of Kinston needed the paternalism of the Justice Department to protect them from themselves.”

Which brings us back to the questions of from whom do we need to be protected and why?

When the shooter in Oregon was killing without challenge in that well-intentioned gun free zone, one brave unarmed man charged him – successfully, if only momentarily – slowing the slaughter. Who can say for sure how many lives this one man saved by being willing to sacrifice himself. That question is of course ignored by those who would yield all their protection to the government appointed protectors. But the numbers of these government guards will be have to be increased to frightening levels if no one can be trusted to protect themselves and their neighbors.

To get an idea of the safety we will all be availed of if we turn all protection over to the likes of Obama and Hillary and any future pro-government leadership, we need to look no further than the biggest of these government protection agencies, the well-intended TSA.

The TSA loves to play the numbers game whenever a study points out the unacceptable level of failure of these federal security agents. Studies by even the government itself indicate that only about 10 to 15% of the illegal items are captured by the disgusting security measures of TSA agents. TSA spokespeople routinely argue that preventing those 10 or 15 potential weapons – like your partially drank bottle of $3.00 airport water – out of 100 maybe has stopped a bad guy. I would argue that the odds are much better that if there were a couple of bad guys trying to board a plane, one of them would be among the 85% who do get through with a TSA designated weapon.

But continuing the numbers game by the TSA’s own rules lets accept that one bad guy does get a weapon on board. Since we know nearly all weapons do get through lets accept that one good guy also gets through. Now we have the potential for a gun fight on the plane. When the shooting starts we should accept a body count of more than just the two or three shooters. Perhaps the number of killed and wounded resulting from the on board battle is as many as 10 or 15. But 10 or 15 victims is a whole lot less than as many as 200 souls on the plane and hundreds or more on the ground if the bad guy is not stopped. How many were saved on the ground by those few on flight 93 who engaged armed 9-11 terrorists?

The numbers are growing clearer everyday. The federal protection scheme is increasing our death count and declining our quality of life in every single instance. All federally mandated “monitors” should be removed from the backs of all local police departments immediately. The TSA should be the first federal public safety agency to be totally disbanded in its present form. Those who are waging war on the second amendment must be totally defeated if the United States is going to recover from these past few decades of socialism policies. We must eliminate criminal safe zones and realize the response time of armed officials is unacceptable when the shooting starts in one of these ‘safe zones.’

The words ‘terrorist, Islamic extremists, and war on terrorism’ must be reintroduced into the lexicon of the armed forces and other international agencies of the U.S. if we are going to have any chance of restoring the freedoms and liberties we have lost since the great victory by the soldiers of Islam who attack us on 9-11. There is no denying it, they won that battle and we have multiplied their success over freedom and liberty with every subsequent expansion by the ‘good intentions’ of our own government in the name of homeland security.

Craig Masters

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