H.R.86 a real Safe Student Act

It only takes a few fingers to count the number of times a really bad federal laws that chip away at freedom have been repealed. One example currently relative to news headlines is a bill introduced in January 2015 by Kentucky representative Thomas Massie. Representative Massie introduced H.R.86 on January 6, 2015. The bill was assigned the title of the “Safe Students Act.” None of Colorado’s representatives were listed as co-sponsors. The bill will probably die in committee just like a similar bill introduced by Ron Paul in 2011. The question is why.

The historical significance of the Safe Student Act is to correct the negative unintended consequences of the good intentions of the Gun Free School Zone Act of 1990 originally introduced by none other than the laughable lovable leftist puppet, ‘uncle’ Joe Biden.

Teaching revisionist history to fit the leftist agenda is the topic of several callers to a radio talk show playing the background as I write this article. But rewriting the history of the entire world is a tough challenge for even the most persuasive professor. Until the leftists are successful at replacing all the books that report facts about how the world has achieved prosperity and peace instead of liberal opinions about how these goals should have been achieved, the facts will continue to haunt the ‘shooter safe’ halls of all of our schools.

From President Obama to to the lowest level of liberal educator, the outcry to disarm citizens is deafening. But the death tolls in an ever increasing number of gun free zones can not be hidden so easily as the left’s real agenda of total government control of everyone’s lives (except their own of course). Every single one of these liberals trying to blame gun ownership for the dead and wounded after every single mass shooting in recent years ignores the most common fact. Whether these shootings happen at an armed forces recruiting center, a theater or a school, they have one thing in common, they are already totally free of weapons. Schools especially have ZERO guns allowed by anyone not specifically authorized to be armed. There are even news stories about children being suspended for forming their hand or a sandwich into the shape of a gun.

Why do we allow government to de-facto kill our students by rewarding murderers with the extended time to kill more and more unarmed, innocent, law-abiding citizens while government agents such as police scurry to gather their protective armor and weapons and respond to the scene – to stop the bad shooter with a good shooter?

Ironic isn’t it that guns save lives at least as often, if not more often, than they take lives. If I hear one more politician refer to another mass shooting in a school or the Aurora theater or Ft. Hood as to why the government needs more control of citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms I think I may throw up! The idea that trained military men, adult students, women and their children are killed because they were denied the right and the opportunity to protect themselves in of these gun free school zones or that gun free theater that night is an inexcusable abuse by a government hell bent on clamping the lid on the coffins of freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.

Craig Masters

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